Top 3 Data Recovery Software for Computers and Cell Phones

Deleted File Recovery

There exist many free deleted file recovery software and data recovery programs which can help you recover deleted or lost files from your PC, smartphone or tablet device. Usually, files being deleted are still available on your hard drive and can be recovered with the use of data recovery software.

However, it’s important to note that there are several others ways of recovering lost or deleted data/file and free data recovery software’s are just one way to go.

Below are some of the top best free deleted file recovery software’s available for windows and macos operating systems. They are a lot more but just three are compared in this article.

Top 3 Best Deleted File Recovery Software

1. EaseUS Data Recovery

This is a great recovery software that can be used to recover deleted files from devices, USB or smartphones just with a click of a few buttons. Interestingly, what makes EaseUS data recovery tool stand out is its practically simple user interface which is closely like that of Windows Explorer. Even though it may not be the preferred interface by some people, a lot of people are familiar with it and will find it quite easy to use.

EaseUS data recovery software recovers deleted data from inaccessible data that could have occurred from different data loss situations. It recovers all kinds of data including photos, emails, audios, documents, compressed files and it also does partition recovery.

Devices with which EaseUS Data recovery tool supports includes; Laptops, PCs, hard drive (HDD, USB, SSD, etc), server, storage media, RAID, server etc.

It’s important to note that the free version of data recovery package only recovers nothing more than 2 GB of data and you may want to upgrade if you need more than that. However, since most of what you may want to recover aren’t up to 2 GB then it’s a good option.

2. Wise Data Recovery

This free recovery tool helps you recover deleted files from devices irrespective of cause, whether system crash or you deleted the file by mistake. It recovers data from devices such as USB drive, smartphones, hard drive, MP3 players, storage devices and much more.

With the use of advanced algorithms, scanning can be done in few seconds and data recovery procedures can be done in few minutes saving you an ample amount of time. You equally get the chance to choose recovery type in keywords before scanning to better define search and save more time. Wise Data Recovery is compatible with any Windows version.

3. Pandora Recovery

Apart from being one of the easiest to use recovery tool, it’s arguably the best wizard to help you recover lost files from your devices regardless of the cause of file loss.

This recovery tool basically recovers files from laptops, PCs, storage devices such as USB, hard drive and much more. However, before use, Pandora must be installed on your system which may be the reason most people are reluctant to use it. Pandora is compatible with most Windows, and it's one of the best-deleted file recovery tools.

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