How to Choose the Right Web Host for Business Websites

Right Web Host for Business Websites

Applications these days are becoming more and more complex which usually means more resource intensive. Take Wordpress for example, if you tried running today’s 8MB version on a web hosting account from 10 years ago (with the equivalent bandwidth) you’d struggle. Software moves at an alarming rate, as does technology in general so we need our web hosting plans and services to keep up. Below are some of the useful Tips to Choose the Right Web Host for Your Business Websites Hosting.

As you know, the capabilities and limitations as to what a web hosting firm can and cannot provide will be solely dependent on the hardware resources at its disposal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a server in a bedroom or a high-tech cloud integration, it will still and always will be limited to the confines of a physical system – regardless as to where it is physically hosted/located.

To account for this web hosting companies are not simply pushing more power to their accounts. They’re tweaking and optimising them for specific applications in order to harness more power without the need to physically upgrade the hardware providing it. In this article we’re going to look at some of the web hosting accounts on the market that address this -

Language Specific

You will find lots of hosting plans on the market that come optimised for a specific language such as PHP hosting or ASP hosting (if you like punishing yourself). Obviously these applications can run on any server but hosting firms are now creating plans that are tailored specifically for these server side languages. This means if you want to run a PHP based application on your server you could take out a plan that is highly configured to run PHP in terms of resource allocation and configuration. Of course any PHP application could run on any server with PHP installed but there is a lot to be said for tailoring your box to a specific language.

App Specific

By this I mean hosting designed for certain applications such as Wordpress or Magento. Sure, these applications can run on any hosting account that comes with PHP but there are server side modifications and configurations put in place to make them perform at their optimum. This is what app specific hosting is all about. Servers that come optimised and geared up for specific applications right out of the box.

Optimisation of Regular Plans

Any hosting plan can run applications written in any language or any software application if the software that is installed on the server is capable. So you can effectively optimise any hosting plan for any application. This is what most people tend to do rather than choosing something app specific but it’s something that you can only really get away with doing if you have a VPS or dedicated machine. Try getting a different version of PHP installed on a shared hosting account or even making basic configuration changes to the server and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Knowledgeable Hosters

One thing you do need if you’re considering any of the above is a host who knows what they’re doing. It’s all well and good knowing what you need but you need someone at the other end who can implement it. A good web hoster will be able to optimise your plan for you and help you get the most out of the application you’re running.

Updates are Important

Keeping your server up to date with the latest software is of the utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if it’s application or language specific, updates are made to popular software releases on an almost daily basis so if you not only want your site/application to run at its optimum and patch holes to protect you from compromise then you need to make sure things are kept updated. Software patches and fixes should not be ignored even though it may seem that your installation is running perfectly well. Most of the things the patches cover are things you don’t even know about.

So as you can see there are lots of options on the table when it comes to app specific hosting and the best solution out there is to combine a physically fast server with a highly optimised platform whilst effectively paying a web hosting firm who knows what they’re doing to piece it all together. If you can tie in all these elements you’ll get the most of your platform and your site will benefit from it massively.

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