5 Cool Gadgets to Make Your Air Conditioner Smarter

5 Cool Gadgets to Make Your Air Conditioner Smarter

We’re in the age of technology. Inventions, gadgets, science, just keeps getting better. Because of that, more and more people have found a way to make life easier for everyone else. We have refrigerators that can make grocery lists now. We can control every inch of our homes, even when we’re on the other side of the world. Would make a lot sense that somebody out there wanted to make our air conditioners smarter.

There are some incredible cool gadgets out there that can take of average air conditioners and turn them into smart pieces of technology. Here’s a couple that you should learn to know.

1. Sensibo

One of the coolest devices out there for your air conditioner is Sensibo. It’s a small device that can turn any air conditioner with a remote into a smart air conditioner.

It connects your air conditioner and to the internet. It allows you to program your device anywhere there’s an internet connection. The best part is it can save you a bundle on energy usage.

This device is great because it can control your air conditioner to turn off after you leave the house. Lowering energy usage in process. It can also be used to turn on your air conditioner before you arrive home. That way your house is nice and cool when you arrive.

2. Monolyth

This device connects your air conditioner to the internet turning into a smart device. It’s able to read and optimize air quality and temperature per your level of comfort. It helps that it’s also hugely energy efficient.

You can be anywhere in the world and still have access to your device. For some people who are forgetful, this is huge now being able to turn it off without being there in person. Even if you’re in Calgary, Alberta air conditioning has never been easier to control.

One feature that makes it incredibly unique is its ability to love and adapt. Not so much on the artificial intelligence level, but it can learn your patterns allowing it to always keep you comfortable. It can even send alerts and notifications directly to your phone. It’s a must have it you want a smarten up your air conditioner.

3. Cielowigle

Cielowigle is a smart thermostat. Needing only to place it near wherever your air conditioners remote control is. It connects to the internet from your Wi-Fi and has a built-in Bluetooth feature so it can be controlled via your smartphone.

It’s a self-learning device. It’s able to analyze what you like and how you like it. Creating preferences based on daily routines and schedules. This device can automatically adjust even when you’re not there. Saving you money along the way. It’s even able to detect when you’re near and quickly activates to your preference atmosphere.

4. Tado

The theme continues. Tado is an intelligent smart device that bring your smartphone and air conditioner together.

Tado, through your Wi-Fi connections allows you to control your air conditioner through your smart device. Its intelligent and can learn your preferences and control them even when you’re not in the house. It turns off once you leave and it will pre-cool your house before you get back. Best part is, whether you have an android or iOS device, it will still work.

5. Awair

Awair goes above and beyond all expectations. Awair is a monitor that controls air quality, air conditioner, and air purifiers.

Awair has the power and smarts to monitor even the such things as: carbon dioxide, the humidity of the house, and the temperature. It can even account for the dust in the air. Having a device that can effectively monitor the overall quality of the air, and the temperature is something everything should have.

There’s no need any more to let your air conditioner be plain and boring. You shouldn’t have to deal with high cost energy bills and constant fluctuations in temperature. Making your air conditioner into a smart air conditioner is simple with one of these gadgets. Don’t miss out before summer.

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