Top 6 Uses of Bluetooth Technology on Phones / Tablets / PCs / Laptops

Uses of Bluetooth Technology

If you purchase a new electronic device, such as a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, chances are they will have Bluetooth integrated into the system. Bluetooth is the capability to communicate wirelessly with over devices. It gained popularity a few years ago when the Bluetooth headset for cell phones became popular.

However, there are more options than simply pairing your Bluetooth with your smartphone. To let two devices communicate wirelessly, they have to be paired, or synced, together. So long as your device supports OBEX – object exchange, - there is a large range of things you can do, or send, to other devices. Unfortunately, some cellular carriers have disabled this feature for their cellular customers.

Top 6 Uses of Bluetooth Technology on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and PCs

1. Connect Your Laptop to Wireless Internet from Your Phone

So long as you download scripts to help run this, you can use Bluetooth from your cellular device to surf the internet on your laptop. This is so cool! Plus, you can save money, which is double awesome.

One of the awesome things about doing this is it lets you connect you connect to the internet virtually anywhere. Most cellular companies have data plans and let their customers connect to the data network. For example, you may be at a restaurant and only have data. You could wirelessly connect to data and use the internet.

2. Download Pictures to Your Computer

Most people take pictures with their camera on a regular basis. With social media options, like SnapChat and Instagram, using images each day is a common practice. However, then your phone is overwhelmed with hundreds or thousands of pictures. Maybe you go on vacation and want to store the photos on your computer or print your favorite ones off at home. With Bluetooth, you can wirelessly transfer your pictures to your computer.

3. Play Music from Your Phone

Do you download your favorite tunes onto your smartphone? If you want to play the songs out loud, Bluetooth offers you the option to send music to Bluetooth digital speakers. There are so many great Bluetooth speakers available; you can look at reviews of speakers on the market at websites like Speaker Digital. There is an option for everyone, in every budget range.

4. Share Things with Friends

If your friends have Bluetooth as well, you can share files with them. You may have a great game or an awesome ringtone you want to share with others. Bluetooth lets you do so with ease. You could also share pictures or even games via Bluetooth.

5. Connect Peripherals Wirelessly

This is what Bluetooth is most known to do. If you have other Bluetooth enabled devices, you can connect them with Bluetooth. We know about the laptops and tablets, but what else can we connect with Bluetooth?
  • Computer Mouse
Most mice don’t have cords anymore. Instead, they use Bluetooth or USB dongles. Bluetooth is commonly used for tablets and other similar options.
  • Keyboards
This allows people, especially students, to use tablets similar to a laptop. Unlike USB connections, using Bluetooth doesn’t limit the number of devices you attach. So, you could have a keyboard and mouse attached to one tablet.
  • Printers
Wireless printers are preferred over printers with a cord. Instead of using a standard Wi-Fi or a wired network, these printers let you use a Bluetooth connection to link them together.

6. Hands-Free Talking

This is, no doubt, what pops into your mind when you hear the word Bluetooth. It was the prime usage that first attracted people to Bluetooth. If you are driving down the road, you can answer phone calls and be safe as you drive down the road.

These are just a few of the ways to use Bluetooth. When correctly used, Bluetooth helps make life a bit easier and use fewer cords, which is better for everyone.

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