9 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger and Make Money Online

Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

Starting any type of blog will always be a fun experience. Most new bloggers usually have great ideas and are ready to take over the world with them. This experience is almost the same as buying your first car, or taking your kids out to buy a new puppy. You fall in love with the furry pup, but when you actually get it home you have to take care of it! You immediately realize how much more responsibility there is once it’s yours. Just like your new blog, there are a crazy amount of unknowns. In reality, many great blogs fail, but don’t let this get you down! There’s an unbelievable amount of methods a blogger could be using to insure that there blogging experience will be fun and exciting for years down the road. I put together some simple (bright) ideas that can potentially help any blogger in their journey.

Top 9 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger and Make Money Online

1. Before you even think about putting pen to paper, find your niche or subject matter

If there is one thing you should remember it’s this: Readers are always going to look for the highest quality information in the niche they are searching in. Quality matters people! If your blog is all over the place and never really explains what the reader wants (find a purpose) your blog will probably never take off and reach its full potential. Most top bloggers will recommend you choose a niche that interests you and one that you can easily write about. This way you will always have a constant flow of great content being pushed out. Remember: This is all about having fun, if you start writing about something that irritates you, your blog posts are going to come out poor quality (and it will take the fun away).

2. Slowly invest in making your blog look amazing and unique

Just as important as the quality of your writing is the appearance, features, and the way you throw it all together. When is the last time you ended up on a horrible looking blog and actually spent 10 minutes reading through a few posts? Exactly, if it’s not visually appealing then your interest level is a big fat zero. You will have to stay up to date with trends, best plugins (if you're using WordPress) and choose a perfect theme to show of your work. You don’t have to break the bank when you purchase premium themes and plugins, but I will guarantee if you do put money into your blog you won’t ignore it. The look and feel of your blog is its personality, so give it a good one!

3. Start making friends in the niche you selected

As soon as you climb the rankings, (just a little bit) you can now start contacting other well-known bloggers in the same niche as you. This is where you find out how fun blogging can be! Believe it or not other successful bloggers will help you in any way they can and actually help you succeed. Start by going to their contact page or comments section and let them know what you think about their blog or a specific post. This is the first step on making those amazing friends.

4. Make yourself a schedule for your posts

This is very simple! Use Google calendars (this is my method) and write down reminders to post to your blog on a consistent time frame. Most bloggers recommend 3 times a week (I do 1) but this is really up to you. One high quality post per month is better than 5 poor quality posts per week.

5. Keep things simple

You’re going to have crazy problems if you try to be perfect 100% of the time! Don’t sit there and edit each of your posts 3 million times before you publish it. Your posts will probably be far from perfect and this is ok. It’s really important to get the content out there (you can always update your content at a later time). Remember to keep the quality, but just get it out there and work on your next one.

6. Switch up your surroundings

Hopefully you have a laptop (paper and pen still exists people). What I mean by this is get out of the house. Blogging in the same space day to day can be extremely annoying and kind of bogs down your brain. Gaining new inspiration is really easy when your brain is fresh. The great thing about blogging is you can do it anywhere you can carry a pen and paper or where there’s free WIFI. One of the only free things left in the world is WIFI so take advantage of it.

7. Give your readers something they can’t live without once in awhile

We all know water keeps humans alive, but the bloggers readers are the only thing that keeps them alive! Can you imagine a professional football team with only 5 fans, or no fans? A team, or a blogger with no fans or readers would never be able to thrive. There will be times when your readers are seriously begging you to write on a specific topic, (my advice) DO IT! If the one thing that keeps you alive is asking you for something you might now want to hesitate. Make it a priority!

8. Find ways to make your readers more involved in your website

This is the best part, and it helps you because now your readers will be adding content to your site (user generated content is awesome)!

Start a forum with all the current categories you write about. The best part about this is your readers will love the chance to place content on a website they already follow and love. Within your new forum this also gives you a better chance to start giveaways, subscription plans, it really opens the doors to your readers and you as a blogger.

9. Always think outside the box and leave your comfort zone in the dust

Don’t ever forget who’s blog this is! It’s yours and you can do anything you want with it. Sometimes your most viral, extremely best content will make you feel like you have this art down to a science, and other content will make you feel like you're failing. It’s ok! This is called being a blogger. Don’t ever give up on your blog. You won’t be successful in your first blog post or even your first 20 blog posts, but if you learn from your mistakes and think outside the box like your life depends on it you will come out on top and eventually started to Make Money Online.

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