Top 9 Biggest Tech Hacks of All Time

Whenever new technology introduced in the world, it is intended towards creating ease and comfort for people. However, later on this technology starts impacting people in a negative way and this has given birth to invent of cybercrime. There are people performing hacking activities to harm any organization’s data, website, or destroy systems and these people are known as Hackers. If you look back to the history, there are lots of hacking attacks have been made to the known organizations of the world. Below we have compiled Top 9 Greatest and Biggest Tech Hacks in the world of all time.

Biggest Tech Hacks

1. Fine Gael Website Attack

Fine Gael is an Irish political party and website of which was hacked by an anonymous hacker on February 25, 2011. Personal details of about 2000 people were leaked in the attack and the hacker launched hacks on other websites such as Visa, Master Cards and etc. The hacker took over the website and placed the following image with the text.

2. Citibank Wire Transfer Service

One of the renowned group belongs to Russia called ArkanoID, came to know that Citibank wire transfer service was vulnerable to security threats. The group was able to get the log in details easily and then they were able to access the key corporate client’s account.

3. Security Breach at AoL

AOL is among the first email system used by people, especially in the United States. On April 2014, this system was hit by a security breach that affected 2% of email users. Attackers stole key personal information of users such as email address, passwords and etc.

4. South Korea Data Breach

Another massive security breach was faced by South Korea, which affected around 70% population of the country. This country is an online game oriented so, attackers targeted six major online games and access pages and passwords of the users. It also harmed the South Korean economy in terms of monetary loss as hackers used advanced tool to steal virtual currency used in the games.

5. NASA Hack

On June 1999, a young hacker Jonathon James hit NASA just by using a Pentium computer. He got access to the server and stole important files such as the source code of the International Space Station. According to NASA, the documents stolen by James had the value of $1.7 Million and due to this massive hit NASA had to turn off its systems for about three weeks.

6. Home Depot Attack

The Home Depot is one of the biggest chains of retail store in United States. Attackers used sophisticated software to steal credit card information, transaction details and other information. About 60 million credit card holders were affected by this security breach.

7. New York Times

A Newspaper company New York Times, became the prey of the young hacker in 2002. He hacked the internal network and got access to crucial database and records. He got access to the personal information of writers such as contact number, address and etc.

8. Healthcare Industry Hack

This evil of cyber crime also affects the health care industry of noble nature. In April and June 2014, hackers (most probably from China) got access to the details of patients, such as personal details, address, social security numbers and etc. They used a malware called Heartbleed to get access to the server and steal important information of patients around 4.5 Million.

9. Security Incident at the Oregon Department

A renowned work source system Oregon became the victim of a security breach. The website contained data of about 2 Million job seekers and they all became the victims of Identity Theft. The data included key information such as social security passwords; address other key information present in the job application.

These were few remarkable hacks that happened in the world and they reflect that how an organization can become prey of hackers. The possible solution to avoid this situation is to make your Website Design secure and protect by adding all the crucial software and certifications.

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