Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money from Home Online / Offline

With so many websites out there bragging about the millions of pounds you are missing out on from their get rich quick schemes, it's little wonder that the majority of readers will be non-believers. But the reality is that with a little hard work and some sensible planning – there are a few key methods that do genuinely work and can make a difference to your wallet. So rather than just labour on and bore you, here are Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money from Home via Online and Offline Channels.

Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money from Home Online-Offline

1. Sell Your Old Gadgets

Almost all of us have a ton of old technology lying about the house gathering dust. From ancient phone handsets and games consoles to that unused pressure cooker that seemed to arrive on your wedding day, there is a market for anything tech. Whether you choose Craigslist, eBay or a Pawn Brokers, there are people out there that are bound to want it for the right price and you can earn money while cleaning up at the same time – Win Win!

2. ebay Flipping

Most of you have heard of domain flipping but have you heard of auction flipping. Free listing days generally encourage millions of people to list all sorts of stuff on the network and most goes for way below its’ normal price due to the volume of similar items registered at the same time. Why not buy a few and then sell them a week or so later? The extra $2 fee to list it will generally be a fraction of the mark-up you’ll make if you do it right.

3. Rent Out The Spare Room

The kids’ old bedroom or that dusty attic is just wasted money. Whether you choose to find yourself a lodger or just offer to store someone’s belongings while they find themselves a bigger place to live – you can make thousands of bucks a year all from the comfort of your own home.

4. Bet Against The Trends

Why not make money, spread betting on money!? There is a whole market out there to tap into of people who are betting on the FED rate rises or whether the Dollar will win or lose against the Pound and Euro on a daily basis. Check out free options before you risk your own cash but if you have a gut feeling for the day -why not give it a whirl and try double your dollar.

5. Freelance Your Services

If you have a penchant for writing, designing, developing or pretty much anything – you can sell your services at a site like Freelancer or Fiverr. While you may have to cut your prices until you’ve built up a solid reputation – some of the top users are making $1,000s monthly in their free time just by helping out eager-buyers with their problems.

While nobody is going to pay you money to just sit down all day and do absolutely nothing, save perhaps for those old Nielsen family stories, these are some of the easiest ways to increase your cash flow from the comfort of your own home. For some more of our top ideas on increasing your personal wealth or becoming financially independent, be sure to check out the rest of our blog and come back soon for our latest articles.

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