How to Use Technology to Balance Education/Work/Life

The age of the internet, the information age. These are just some of the terms that are being used to describe the current stage of evolution in the existence of humanity. More than just describing that, the terms also underline the importance of technology in today’s life. There is a technological hack for virtually every sphere of life and that has had inevitable effects on how human beings live. One of the groups of effects is the negative implications of the excessive use of technology, more so on human interactions. Many people have decried the negligence with which human beings treat human interactions as captured in one image that was doing rounds on the internet. It was showing people walking in a group yet no one was looking at the other because each one is engrossed in using their phones.

How to Use Technology to Balance Education Work Life

Technology, however, is not all gray gloom. It has undeniably improved many qualities of life and it is virtually impossible to imagine living without technology. This does call for means by which the use of technology can be enhanced to fulfill its intended purpose of making life better. So, you may wonder, how do you go about employing technology to restore or introduce balance in your life? Well, the challenge mainly faces those people who are learning and those who are employed. They find that schoolwork and work life, respectively, take up the better part of their life so that they have little to no time for other things in life. The suggestions of how technology may help are therefore divided into these two categories.

Ways to Manage Education Life Balance

Ways to Manage Education Life Balance

1. Have A Better-Organized Schedule

If you own a smartphone and other portable devices that have internet connectivity, it is so much easier to set their affairs in order so that their time is aptly managed using technology. The Google calendar is a digital organization tool that will help you keep your calendar and to do activities all up to date and in sync with all your devices since the activities are stored in the cloud and the devices are interlinked. This means that you will be able to do everything on time and hence curb time wastage. This time saved can be channeled towards more productive activities that bring balance to life.

2. Have More Effective Communication Means

To juggle all your priorities effectively, you must have an effective and efficient communication channel. Technology has that covered since mobile telephony ensures presents a myriad way in which you can pass messages across efficiently. Instant notifications are useful, but they need to be managed. You can have a schedule so that when you have engaged away from your learning activities they do not come in as distractions.

3. Online Writing Assistance

Most activities you can compartmentalize and undertake them yourself, but sometimes you are simply not in a position to do that. That is when you need an extra hand so that you are not turned into a studying zombie. Writing assistance is helpful as it tailors all your essays and assignments to your specifications. The best writing website page is professionally managed and there is no rest until you have your paper as desired, even in the tightest of deadlines.

Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance

1. Remote Working

The internet is a miracle that makes it effortless to access all the resources in the office from your house. So if you feel like work is sucking up all the time that you should be spending, say, with family, all you need to do is to organize with your employer so that you can work from anywhere so long as you meet your targets. This way, you can attend to the inflexible activities during and work at night or on weekends from the comfort of your bedroom.

2. Share Photos Online

Sometimes your work will call for you to work away from home. This is a time that relationships can be strained, owing to the emotional distress of not having as much time together as relations should. Thankfully, there are more than a handful of platforms on which you can share photos of what you are up to and hence create a closer connection.

3. Videoconferencing 

There is nothing as delightful as seeing the face of a loved one who is in a different time zone, half the world away right after a stressful late-night meeting. It relieves stress and makes the stay away from family more bearable. Technology allows for this through video conferencing. You can hold real-time conversations with loved ones over the internet and therefore no one can feel like you are neglecting that part of life for work.

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