8 Best Back-to-School Tech Gadgets for Students

Every student is back at it – the classes, the papers, the exams, the parties, and the dorm life. Every student has his/her smartphone, tablet, and laptop - these are no longer optional “Gadgets” In fact, they let students get a better balance between school and their personal lives. At the same time, students are always looking for more tech to make their college lives easier. Whether these gadgets are directly related to their school work or simply ease their lives in other ways so they have more time for study, they are on the lookout. Here are eight gadgets that just might help.

Tech Gadgets for Students

1. Charging Backpack

You go to classes. From there you run to your part-time job and then meet up with a couple of friends at a coffee shop for some studying. The only problem is all of your techs is dying and all of your notes are on that tablet. And there are no outlets anywhere.

If you had this charging backpack, you would never face this situation again. There’s a battery, three USB ports, and six storage areas. Here’s an interior view.

2. Bluetooth Coffee Maker

Ai,not iOT wonderful? And it especially is when you are a coffee drinker, and that beverage is what keeps you going during those “all-nighters.” But you also make coffee at other times during the day – when you get up in the morning to get you going; when you get back to the dorm after classes are finally finished. You just download the WeMo app on your phone and you’re set to go, even if you want to schedule brewing in advance (perfect for mornings).

3. Kindle Voyage

E-versions of textbooks and outside reading requirements are actually a bit cheaper to buy, and cheaper still if you rent them. For members of Amazon Prime, there is even a lending library of over 500,000 books you can borrow for free, with no return due date. The biggest plus, however, is that you don’t have to lug those textbooks around in the charging backpack you now have – just plug in that Kindle. You save money, you save your back and shoulders, and you’re much lighter on your feet.

4. External Hard Drive

Back up everything – this is not optional. And there is no “wow” factor with this gadget. But if your computer crashes, or is seriously damaged you are not “dead” along with it. Get one that can also be used with mobile devices, so you can store anything off of them too.

5. Nimbus Smart Dashboard

Okay, so, your space is small. And some of your best techs can be small too. Here is a great dashboard with four dials, and you can decide what to use them for. One can be an alarm clock; one can be for received emails; one can even be for the weather or traffic. This is such a nifty gadget because you get to choose!

6. Fitbit Flex

College life is not known to necessarily be a healthy one. In fact, it is a common statement that every Freshman gains 15 pounds, because of eating habits and lack of exercise. This does not have to be, but it takes some self-discipline. And the Fitbit Flex can help. You can better manage and track the habits that impact your wellness – eating, fitness, and sleep. Students who don’t feel well or who get sick often are not the students they can be.

7. Portable Ice Maker

So, you are up late studying. You are also dying of thirst. You’ve got soda or juice in your room but it’s warm. Maybe there’s an ice machine down on the first floor; maybe not. Or there’s the ridiculously expensive drink machine. A portable ice maker in your room solves the problem 24-hours a day. Most of them are about a foot in all three dimensions, and a good one can be had for about $125.00.

8. Smartphone / Tablet Apps

No, these are not shiny new gadgets. You will, however, probably replace both while you are in school, for newer models. Between that and your tablet, you have the ability to download an amazing number of apps that will promote your studies and your college life in general. But here are a few you may not have considered:
  • Mint: Your budget may never be as tight as it is when you are a student. This app will help you set up a budget, stick to it, and even send you alerts that you set up in advance.
  • Writinghouse: Writing papers are bad enough, but then you have to get all those citations formatted correctly. This is probably the easiest app out there – one that will generate citations for even the most unique resources. And it’s updated all the time.
  • Portfolio Apps: Whether you are fine art, engineering, education, English, or science major (or in any major for that matter), you will need to develop a portfolio of your best work as you go through school. Why? As you need the end of your schooling, you will have to actually to think about finding that first career position. A portfolio app will let you gather and store work that you might want to show a potential employer. If you are far away from becoming a resumes expert you may find some resume services that can craft an amazing document and give you advice on which parts of your portfolio will be the best to keep in cyberspace and link to in that resume.
  • PDF Search Engine: Here’s the thing about college research. Most primary sources that you may want to use, such as the research of others, will be in PDF format. You can waste a lot of time searching through online articles that will not give you the detail and the data you need. If you use this app, it will only pull up PDF documents. You will save yourself some time and have great resources to boot.
Technology has so improved the lives of students. In fact, as a student you have probably heard the horror tales of your parents and grandparents about taking notes by hand, hammering out papers on a typewriter or word processor, having to use the library for every bit of research that had to be done, using payphones to call home and ask for money, and saving handwritten notes in folders. You can’t even imagine it. Guess what? Your kids will not be able to imagine how you managed to get by with the archaic technology that you currently see as so great.

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