10 Natural Disaster Survival Apps for iOS and Android - Infographic

With stiff competition of Android Apps and iOS Apps, the standard for smartphone and tablet apps is high – if you want to make an impact on the app market and store your idea and execution have to be strong. Through social media and messaging apps, consumers now want to connect to their friends, family and loved ones as quick and as safe as possible. Below is the Infographic based on Top 10 Best Life-Saving Emergency Apps for Android and iOS powered devices.

10 Natural Disaster Survival Apps

From floods to volcanic eruptions, hurricanes to earthquakes, disasters have been happening for millions of years. In 2016, people have become principally disconnected from natural disasters are a reminder of how dependent on Mother Nature we continue to be, regardless of our technological advancements.

Luckily the advances in social media & mobile technology have made it not only easier for us to track natural disasters (and/or severe weather events) they also help us to survive them! Our technology focused society has resulted in us becoming extremely reliant on our smartphones. In many ways, our smartphones help to connect us to our loved ones. Many of us refer to our smartphones as ‘’lifesavers’’. With the apps listed in the infographic below, our phones can truly become life savers!

To help with this demand, there are now a huge amount of life-saving apps that are available to download on most of the online app stores. With the enormous rise in calamites all over the world, swift, effective communication is vital so in the case of a disaster situation, people can communicate their friends and family or the emergency services. Factoring all of this in, many clever and innovative app developers have manufactured numerous valuable apps that can help when a crisis happens.

The people at Nature’s Water have rounded up an Infographic based on ten of the most essential apps that will help you out when disaster strikes. Some of these apps provide alerts for earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters whereas others are innovative and fast paced communication apps. Year after year, hundreds of thousands of creative & advanced apps are being produced and subsequently downloaded via the app stores.

The infographic features: Disaster Alert – an ingenious app created by the Pacific Disaster Centre that allows you mobile access to monitor active hazards throughout the world. It also includes Red Panic Button. Red Panic Button lets you to send your GPS coordinates & a link to Google Maps instantly to a previously identified contact by pushing the red panic button on your phone’s screen. For more details and more apps, take a look the infographic below!

Which of these apps would you find the most useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Infographic: 10 Natural Disaster Survival Apps for iOS and Android

10 Natural Disaster Survival Apps for iOS and Android - Infographic

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