Top 6 Tips to Convert Social Media Users into Customers

When we all started in Social Media Marketing, the goal was to increase the number of followers and likes on your posts, profile or pages. Marketers would do whatever it takes to see those figures rising up as fast as possible, and this was enough proof of success. Only that this phase is gone and what we want now is to convert our social media users into customers, but how to do it? Below are Top Six (6) Tips to Convert Social Media Users into Customers to Make Money Online from Social Media platforms.

Convert Social Media Users into Customers

This task is simple: if they like your product page, it means that they like your product and that they will buy it, right? But we know that this is a wrong assumption. Your thousands of followers might have signed to your page or profile because they like your content, and not because they are about to buy anything. So let’s see how to stay away from this scenario and start making money on social media.

1. Promo Code

You can make your social media audience feel special by offering them a promo code so they can buy your product with a discount. You will probably have to create a small campaign with an ad and a landing page, so you can track the traffic and make it work. But we all know how people love a special offer when it comes from a product that they already respect. And talking about offers...

2. Limited Time Offers

Another way to hook up your Social Media followers is by creating campaigns based on limited time offers. It creates urgency, and it will also give you the chance to upload a proper and a bit more aggressive sales ad. And yet, don’t over do it, as you always should remember that you are still publishing it on social media.

3. Offer A Webinar

If your product or service is a life-saver or, at least, something that can help you to improve people's lives, you could try and create a webinar to promote it. Your product will show up during the discussion as one of the ways to get it done.

4. Special Events

This is a great idea for local businesses. If your followers are people who could actually physically go to your businesses, you could try and launch a special event only for them. Let them know, for example, that if they show up at your shop at that specific day and time, they will be joining a free class or a talk with a famous speaker followed by free drinks and finger food, plus special discounts on your products.

5. Gated Content

Those that work with valuable content will be happy to know that they can sell it as well. You can gate some of your content (they will have to pay to have access to it) or create an e-book with something that they don’t usually find on your social media profile for free. As they already know the quality of your service, it is very likely that many of them will be happy to pay for a subscription or for a one-off purchase. But remember that to make your texts interesting to people, you should do it really valuable and interesting! For this option, you can find some services for writing help.

6. Add Testimonials

If you want people to buy your product or service, you should let them know who already got it - and how happy they have been since. And testimonials are the best way for you to do it, as you can just create posts with your most satisfied clients’ words on it.

Pictures of your best clients with your product, or while enjoying your services, are highly recommended as well.

The Bottom Line:

Converting your social media followers into customers isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. And yet you can make it happen without the need to spend lots of money.

The secret here is trying to give them a good reason to pay for what they aren’t getting so far. So top up your digital marketing plan with ideas such as those listed above, and start to make money out of the investment you have done so far in social media from now on.

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