15 E-Learning Websites & Online Educational Tools for Students

When used properly, technology can be a huge boon for students of all ages. The Internet is full of resources teachers and students can use for learning about whatever subjects they wish, as well as tools to help students reach their learning and academic goals. Read on for a List of Top 15 Best E-Learning Websites and Online Educational Tools for Students.

E-Learning Websites and Online Educational Tools

1. StudyBlue

Designed for collaboration between students working on similar subjects and learning goals, StudyBlue enables students to share study guides, flashcards, and more. It can also connect students who share classes so they can collaborate on projects and message each other.

The site offers a library of diverse content, several study modes, study guides organized by class, storage for any notes you have, and real-time self-assessment in the form of a score for keeping track of your progress. You can also take it on the go with free mobile apps.

2. GoConqr

GoConqr provides students with a variety of tools to support their learning efforts, including mind maps, flashcards, progress trackers, a study planner, self-created quizzes, a note taking the platform, and a collaboration tool. It works across both web and mobile platforms, so you can use it at home, at school, or when you’re out and about.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet provides students a platform for study and memorization based on flashcards, quizzes, and games. Upon creating a “set” of terms and definitions, the system automatically integrates them into a variety of learning tools. Plus, with a free mobile app, you can use Quizlet to study whether you’re at the computer or not—and even study offline.

4. StudyStack

Allowing users to create their own flashcards or use ones others have made previously, StudyStack is a great tool for memorization. Plus, every stack of flashcards is integrated into automatically generated quizzes and practice tests along with a variety of games, including hangman, unscramble, and a matching game.

5. Memorize

Geared toward helping you learn terms and definitions, Memorize also allows users to post diagrams, images, articles, and more to share information on as many topics as they like. The site also encourages you to collaborate with other students and work together to get the most out of studying. You can study material as multiple choice quizzes, matching games, and of course flashcards.

6. Memrise

Yet another flashcard site, Memrise distinguishes itself by having a wide variety of card sets on a staggering array of subjects and using a science-based staggered repetition algorithm to promote long-term memorization.

7. Study Guides and Strategies

Rather than focusing on learning specific subjects, Study Guides and Strategies is designed to help you learn how to learn and study better in general. The site hosts articles on a huge variety of learning styles, along with tips on paper writing, time management, problem-solving, test prep, critical reading, effective research, and more. And all that is available in around 40 different languages.

8. Schooltraq

An online digital planner, Schooltraq syncs between your mobile phone and computer to help make sure you never lose your schedule. The sleek, simple design makes it easy to keep track of tests, events, assignments, and study time—as well as anything else on your schedule.

9. Marinara Timer

Inspired by the Pomodoro Method—a productivity framework where you work for 25 minutes and then rest for 5—Marinara Timer includes both a standard Pomodoro timer and the ability to set up a custom timer to help you study effectively.

10. Lord of Papers

Offering a variety of services around business and academic writing, Lord of Papers provides relatively affordable proofreading and editing services that can help you make your writing the best it can be—so that your grade isn’t held back by typos and spelling errors.

11. Kidblog

Kidblog is as user-friendly as they come, based on a simplified Wordpress interface and intended as a perfect first-time experience with the power of blogging. By default, all blogs are private—they can only be seen by the teacher and classmates, so there’s no need to be concerned about sharing information to the public Internet. Teachers are given administrative control over blogs created by their students, and can give parents passwords to let them see individual students’ blogs.

12. 21Classes

Geared around a central teacher blog connected to all student blogs, 21Classes has a central control panel that gives teachers the ability to access and edit student blogs, and to block or message students about their posts. It also lets the teacher moderate student posts before they go live. While there is a free version, it’s fairly limited and most classrooms will require the paid version.

13. Padlet

A virtual board with sticky notes users can share, embed, and move around, Padlet offers a great way for teachers and students to quickly share and organize resources. With teachers given access to moderation and privacy settings, it’s easy to use as a collaboration tool safe from the prying eyes of the rest of the Internet.

14. Ipiccy

Similar to a free, less complex version of Photoshop, Ipiccy provides an intuitive interface students can use for creating and editing images. With social media integration, it’s simple for users to upload projects to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network the class might use for housing and share completed work.

15. Easel

Providing a simple way to create infographics, Easel provides set themes as well as the ability to start with a blank canvas before adding icons, images, and text. Infographics are a great way to have students break concepts down visually and show what they really know, and Easel.ly is a beginner-friendly tool that enables students to do just that.

There are many other great tools available for students who want to use the latest technology to support their academic efforts, but this set of 15 covers many of the bases. Whether you need flashcards, a way to study with other students, or just some help staying on top of your assignments, these tools are worth checking out.

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