Apple iOS Secret Codes to Unlock iPhone & iPad Hidden Menus

Every set of Smartphone and Tablet devices has their own unique USSD Codes, sometimes also referred as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, Feature Codes and Quick Codes provided by GSM cellular service providers. Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices also has some Secret iOS Codes to Unlock Secret Menus and Hidden Settings, which allow users to operate and control several features and functions generally blocked by Apple developers, programmers or OEM's. So if you're iDevice user, then you can easily Access Hidden Menus via iOS Secret Codes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Apple iOS Secret Codes for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

These Secret iOS Codes are also applicable on iPhone Secret Code, iPad Secret Code and iPod Secret Code, because all these codes are the combination of several different numeric and symbolic sequences. Apple iDevice users can just input these Secret USSD Codes into their official built-in phone dialer application, after that user will be able to perform diagnostic tests, unlock secret menus and settings or change any device parameters. All these USSD Secret Codes are universal and can apply on any iOS-powered devices but with some precautions and cautiousness, because it may harm or damage your iOS-device, so follow these codes carefully.
  • *#06# -- It Shows Your iDevice IMEI Number
  • *3001#12345#* -- Enable Field Test Mode to Explore Technical Settings. Easily Convert Signal Bars Into Numeric Number
  • *#5005*7672# -- Check Your Device SMS Center Number
  • *646# -- It Shows Available Minutes on Postpaid Device Only
  • *225# -- It Shows Current Bill Balance for Postpaid Device Only
  • *#31# -- You can Hide Your Phone Number. For Example: #31# Your-Number + ‘Call’
  • *3370# -- Activate / Deactivate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) to Enhanced iDevice Voice Quality (may reduce battery life)
  • *#21# -- It Shows Call Forwarding Status
  • *777# -- You can Check Account Balance on Prepaid Only
  • *#62# -- Check Call Forwarding Status. You can Forward Your Calls to Another Number If No Service is Available
  • *#76# -- Check Connecting Line Presentation
  • *#30# -- Check Incoming Call Presentation. It Allow If Your Device Display Incoming Call Numbers. For Example: *#30# + ‘Call’
  • *#67# -- You can Check the Number for Call Forwarding
  • *#21# -- Call Forwarding Status All, *#62# -- Unreachable, *#67# -- When Busy, ##002# -- Disable All Forwarding
  • *#33# -- Enable / Disable Call Barring and Check Status. *33*pin#  -- Turn ON, #33*pin# -- Turn OFF
  • *#61# -- It Shows Number of Missed Calls
  • *#43# -- You can Check Your Call Waiting Status. *43# -- Activate Call Waiting, #43# -- Deactivate Call Waiting
  • *3282# -- Know How to Use Information Info
If you too have some working Apple iOS Secret Codes, then share with others through comments box. Thanks!

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