10 Websites to Learn Coding or Programming Online

In today's fast moving world with modern technologies and advanced gadgets, it’s very important for Information Technology students and learners to seek knowledge online in the best possible way. So if you're IT student or a beginner and wants to Learn to Code, then here you can get the detailed review of Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Coding or Programming Languages Online interactively for free and paid as well.

Learn to Code

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is definitely one of the best websites for beginners who want to learn to code interactively. At the click of Codecademy, one can start the course which is well structured and easy to be understood by all beginners. It is learner-oriented and some of the courses offered include Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Ruby, and APIs. At the beginning of every course is an explanation of the code with instructions consequently. What is interesting about this website is that you’re able to do coding with an invisible teacher who corrects and provides hints where your coding is wrong.

2. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is an interactive platform that does not only teach but rather also entertains the learner. This makes programming interesting, even though it does not provide vast knowledge. Some of its courses include HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. You’re able to test your programming skills and later entertain yourself with a game at the end of each lesson. Code Avengers is suitable for beginners as it offers only essential knowledge emitting unnecessary information to make learning easy.

3. Code School

Learn how to code with Javascript, HTML5, Angular, React, Node, JQuery, Ruby, iOS and lot more varieties. With Code School you get to polish on your skills learned on Code Avengers and Codecademy. It features some screencasts, challenges, code interpreters, forums and progress saver. Introductory courses are free, although you might be required to deep dig into your pockets when you get to the intermediate or advanced courses.

4. Udacity

Although totally unconnected, Udacity courses are very interactive and insightful, especially when it comes to search engine development. You get to interact with Google professionals about virtually any topics revolving around user interface development. It is packed with lots of tutorial videos and quizzes to steam up your thinking capability. Learn various courses as an intro to computer science, web development, and mobile app development.

5. LearnStreet

One of the fastest amateur learning sites, learnstreet will equip you with introductory cold-hard programming codes. These are easy to learn, interactive and well-explained to keep you hooked on the site. By clicking on the start button, you’ll get started with an exercise, code interpreter and a glossary of the new terms. They currently offer JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

6. edX

A product of Harvard and MIT, edX is a handy open-source tool that offers a variety of courses. Get to learn your Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard, one of the recognized centers of excellence worldwide. It is very interactive with lots of tutorials for you.

7. Treehouse

Advance your knowledge of HTML, UX, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Android, iOS and Database courses using this interactive platform. The perfect project oriented tool, the treehouse is segmented into modules which are freely offered during the introductory phase. You are then charged to access the rest of the content.

8. CodeCombat

A visually engaging platform for game lovers, codecombat site allows you to code as you enjoy a game. Although it is an open source, multiplayer coding game, you can only learn how to code with JavaScript. However, it gives you the chance to learn different tasks achieved by the same code.

9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy platform is similar to edX although it’s not hosted by Harvard or MIT. It has a whole community of programmers who share ideas on different languages, especially those that deal with animations and user interaction.

10. MIT OpenCourseWare

If you’re tired of coding and would like to know the theory behind it, then this courseware from MIT would make the perfect tool for you. Simply go to their site and look for such courses as an introduction to computer science and introduction to programming in Java. Also, there a lot of different online reviews that will help you to define the best options for you personally.

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