Evolution of Computers and Internet Technology

Evolution of Computers and Internet Technology

Where Aren't There Computers These Days?

In 1949, Popular Mechanics once predicted that computers in the future will weigh no more than 1.5 tons. Computers have evolved beyond their predictions and have taken the world by storm. People are using laptops, tablets, smartphones, and these are not the only ones that have smart microchips inside them. There are smart TVs and smart cars that are able to take decisions on your behalf.

Computers have not only become smaller in size over the past decade, they have also become lighter in weight. Consider the weight of your iPhone and how much processing power it comes with. Not only this, computers have also become faster and smarter.

This has made them easier to use thanks to the developments in the field of user interface and artificial intelligence. First there were mainframes computers which then started upgrading and finally we got the desktops that we are now using in our day to day lives. These desktops are now on the verge of extinction thanks to a new revolution of smartphones and tablets which have made it possible to replace desktops and even laptops for some people. The evolution of technology does not end here.

The Beginning

World leaders like Kontron have been working for the betterment of the human race by developing technology that makes a difference across a wide spectrum of industries like avionics, infotainment, medical science, transportation, energy, and applications.

It is next to impossible to imagine a life without computers or technology. As a race, we have become increasingly dependent on computers in our day to day life.

Are you looking to order food? Feeling hungry? You can now order food without even having to sit straight in your couch when you are watching Netflix. Need to work out? You don’t have to hire a trainer because there are apps available for it.

Before it was software and now there are apps. They have truly transformed the way we work and interact with technology. There are apps for banking, transportation, shopping, gaming, and even apps for finding love and getting married. No matter what you are trying to do and achieve, chances are that there is an app for it.

The development and advancements in technology has made it possible for ordinary people to have access to this amazing and rich technology. Maybe you do not understand how a mobile works but you do use it to connect with your family members and friends.

They have completely revolutionized the way we work and not only this, they have also revolutionized the way we think and act.

The Internet of Things

If you are travelling from one place to another, whether you are traveling in a car, plane or train, it is all being controlled and run with the help of computers. Not only this, when you are using washing machines to clean your clothes, or when you are using refrigerator to keep your food fresh, they are all running on some form of microchips otherwise commonly known and understood as computers.

The new iteration of computers that is taking the world by storm is Internet of Things. This has the potential to change the entire ecosystem and the way we live through our day to day lives. IoT simply means that everything that can be connected to the Internet will be connected to the Internet. So how does it work out and how does it affect us?

Your morning alarm is set for 6:00 AM. In a normal life you will wake up and shut the alarm clock down. But in case you are living in a smart home and IoT is installed, your alarm clock will not only wake you up, but it will then notify your coffee maker to brew hot and fresh coffee for you while you get fresh and brush your teeth.

It will also send a notification to your shower to prepare hot water for you. When you lock your door to your IoT powered apartment or house, your garage door will be ready open and your car will be parked on the front gates waiting for you. As it senses you approaching towards the car, the doors will open and it will take you to your scheduled destination.

It is amazing how much progress humankind has made. With freedom and human ingenuity, and because of competition and the motive to make a profit, progress should continue to be made. The Internet of Things has become a reality. The possibilities are endless here and though it may seem like a distant future and out of reach for the common man, it will not be the case after say a decade or two.

Smartphones and computers started that way too and now they are pretty common in every part of the world. You are not surprised to see them anymore. They are ubiquitous.

If you are alive in this day and age then it is simply impossible to live a life without the help of computers and the Internet. Well, unless you choose to live in a remote part of the world as people did centuries ago. That is pretty rare though and most people choose not to live that way. Most people like hot showers and do not want to hunt for their own food! 

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