Top 5 Best Technology Inventions of 2016

The world of Technology is a never-ending wonderland of innovations. As the years pass by and the Alice digs deeper into the rabbit-hole, more wonders await her and more adventures ensue. We’ve reviewed many a tech Gadgets and trends in technology that dominated the previous year; now, we are going to enlist the wonders of tech that will captivate the savvy tech users around the world in the year 2016. Below is the review of Top Five (5) Best Latest Future Technology Inventions that will change the world.

Technology Inventions

1.  Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

Virtual reality has been a part of popular culture for quite a long time. Peeps went crazy when they saw Neo dodging the bullets in a VR in a Hollywood blockbuster, The Matrix. However, the scientists have also been trying to find a way to create a headset that can deliver you most realistic content without injecting anything into your vertebrae (like they did to Neo).

Today, the VR technology has grown mature enough to make them available to the retail market at an affordable price. Moreover, the entry of tech giants like Samsung in partnership with the pioneer of VR headsets, Oculus has enabled a Samsung tablet owner to simply dock his tablet/phone on the headset and enjoy the VR.

3D games with motion controls and 3D movies in VR would certainly drop some jaws this year.

2.  Electric Cars

Electric cars have been around for more than a century but, they are making headlines in recent years due to the advancements in technology making it possible to own and maintain an electric car at a comparable price. Moreover, the success of stylish and loaded Tesla models also encouraged the other automobile makers to jump on the bandwagon and come up with their own models.

Today, all leading automobile brands are offering electric product line. But, Tesla continues to be the market-leader in this niche and their upcoming affordable model 3 is rumored to make a serious dent in the automobile industry.

3.  Hover-boards

Hover-board is another invention from the Hollywood. The creators of the “Back to the future” assumed that the technology will grow enough by 2015 to create skateboards that will float above the surface, called hover-boards. Although, the modern hover-boards aren’t exactly floating above the surface but Chinese company Inventist claims the creation of first model of what we can consider closest to the hover-board.

Self-balancing hover-boards made it to the market in 2014 and thanks to the Chinese mass production that hundreds of hover-boards can be seen now in parks and public places around the world. After all, who won’t like a chance to move from one place to another without having to move an inch.

4.  Ridesharing

Ridesharing has already created a lot of ripples in the commuting industry and the ridesharing companies like Uber are committed to taking over the world by tapping the delivery on-demand and many other sub-niches via ridesharing apps.

It wasn’t long before the ridesharing apps emerged in the US but, they crossed the Atlantic and underwent an explosive growth in Europe. After taking the confidence from this success, they went on to challenge the taxis in Asia where a tough competition is offered by local competitors yet the game is on Uber is expanding its reach to new territories.

Although, there is a wave of regulatory actions against the ridesharing apps in different parts of the world but, Uber is still growing and have successfully clung the top position among the billion dollar unicorns.

5.  Nvidia Pascal

The much awaited Pascal series by Nvidia is rumored to release in Q2 2016. It will not only pack a massive horsepower of 17 billion transistors for enthusiastic gamers but a whole new architecture.

Pascal is not expected to be a part of GeForce series but a whole new product line up in itself. Moreover, it’s not just a change in product line but an overhaul in configuration, from GDDR5 to HBM along with a massive increase in computing speed and all of it at half the voltage.

Finally, we are as excited as anyone else to try these tech marvels, which will surely dominate the tech industry in 2016. However, certain developments like LG’s roll-up flexible display papers and Apple’s patent for touch-less screen sensors are promising candidates but they are in the initial stages of development and may not hit the market anytime soon.

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