5 Tips to Use Social Media for 'About' Page Promotion

Social Media has now become an integral element of our day-to-day life. Spending time on social media sites is more of a routine than anything else. Today, it has become increasingly important for the webpreneuers to sync their online business with the customers' social media sentiments. To achieve greater success for your online endeavor and drive added value to your audience, you can no more ignore the need to understand the consumers' psychology behind the use of social media networks. Today, we are sharing an Infographic on Top 5 Best Tips to Use Social Media for Promoting Your ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ Pages in an effective way.

About Page Promotion

The 'About Us' page can be an excellent way to measure the consumers' feelings about your business. The more number of people 'liking' or 'sharing' your 'About Us' page is an indication that they are actually impressed by the way you are running your business. The same can't be said with the popularity of any other page on your website - as there are chances that they are just 'liking' one of your posts or products. But when someone likes your 'About' page, where you would usually share your objectives and mission statements, it implies that the audience is actually impressed by your overall business.

So how do you actually promote your 'About Us' page on social media? Not promoting enough can be treated as 'bad' Marketing, while overdoing it can be far worse! You must find the right balance so that it is not seen as a spamming attempt by your target audience. Discussed below are 5 proven tips for effectively promoting the 'About' page in your social media circles so that it can bring about the desired result.

1. Integrate Social 'Share' and 'Follow' Buttons

You must have already inserted social media sharing buttons on individual pages of your website, but does the 'About' page display them to your visitors? If not, then the first priority would be to do so at the earliest. Integrating social sharing buttons would allow the users to 'like', 'follow' or 'share' your business within their own social networks just with a single click of mouse.

2. It's Important to Show the 'Real' Faces

It's a no brainer that we tend to 'like' something that is 'liked' by our friends and family members. So apart from integrating the sharing buttons, do make sure to display the list of users who actually 'like' you - preferably with their thumbnail profile pictures. This technique is known as 'Social Proof'. Seeing our own friends liking a particular business can act as a catalyst for ourselves to click on the 'like' and 'follow' buttons.

3. Implement Social Login

When you would like to register a user account, what do you prefer - registering a new account by providing all the details or just logging in using one of your social profiles? Providing your personal details and contact info on the registration form and then verifying your email/mobile number to become a member is a long process that can put off the potential customers. So it makes sense to implement a social login plugin.

4. Allow User-Generated Social Content

The best mode of promotion is the one done by the original customers. Allowing user-generated social content will let your users share their experience on your website on their social media profiles. 'I have just purchased an awesome T-Shirt from XYZ.com' a single line can be enough to tempt new users to visit your website. Implementing user-generated social content is as straightforward as installing a simple plugin.

5. Make It Interesting with Media Files

Consider using various types of media files to enhance the appeal of your 'About' page to the readers. A simple picture, a witty infographic or a personalized video message can do the job for you. Think about innovative ideas to attract comments/suggestions/feedback from the users that would get shared on their social media profiles simultaneously. You can draw inspiration from this brilliant infographic by Wise Startup Blog that lists down few practical tips on creating a perfect 'About Me' page. The more the users 'like' and 'share' your page, the greater degree of visibility your business gets.

Always keep it in mind that sharing your 'About' page on social media not only brings greater visibility to your business, but also offers you the opportunity to impress new consumers.

Infographic on 'About' Page

Infographic on 'About' Page

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