Top 5 Best Cyber Security Tips for Businesses

The internet, a variety of apps and the availability of cloud computing has made it possible for any business to be looked after from anywhere on the planet. Your geographic location is no longer particularly relevant. However, the more data which is present on the internet the more likely you are to be subject to a cyber-attack. Data lost or stolen have can have a detrimental effect on a Business and its reputation. It is essential to avoid this scenario by following these cyber security tips:

Top 5 Best Cyber Security Tips for Businesses

1.   Admin Access

Every user and file on your system can have their access controlled; only those who need to see a particular file or access part of the system should be granted the right to do so. Despite the ability to enforce tight controls over these parts of a system many businesses do not set up their access protocols. It is particularly important to shut down accounts which are no longer needed and never to use easy to remember or default passwords.

2.   Security Layers

Although it is essential to use the security measures already available to you, there is such a thing as overkill. There will be parts of your business which do not require any security clearance, or much lower security arrangements. These may be parts of the system which can only be accessed from inside your premises. You should not waste precious time installing security that is not needed, although you should always be careful to consider whether your information could be at risk indirectly.

3.   Cyber Insurance

The rise of cyber-crimes has made it essential for many businesses to put cyber insurance in place. This type of insurance can be used to protect credit card details, customer names and addresses or any other sensitive data. Cyber information is not usually covered under standard liability insurance policies and the coverage available will depend upon your business practices and how you trade. It is different for every business and it is essential to speak to a broker if you think it is something you might need.

4.   Device Privacy

Data often disappears through the hands of employees, whether intention or not. This is directly connected with their ability to access sensitive information. However, it is not advisable to go over the top with this kind of monitoring; if you do you are likely to alienate your own employees. The best approach is to install monitoring devices which only monitors work related functions; this will ensure their privacy is assured.

You should also avoid deleting any information which may belong to your employees and never blacklist or block an app indiscriminately; every situation is different and should be treated as such. Data breaches are serious matters and while you will need to assess where and why these leaks have occurred you should proceed with extreme caution; you cannot afford to compromise any of your employee’s data.

5.   Processes

Security software and the use of any tool at your disposal will help to keep your data safe and avoid embarrassing data leaks. However, this is not enough by itself. Although technology has moved along at an impressive pace, this applies to both the security you can implement and the ability of data attackers to obtain your data. A good security policy must be reinforced by an excellent process and by the people you employ. Only vigilance by your staff and an adherence to your policy guidelines will allow you to see potential new threats and threats in progress. This level of vigilance must be a combined effect from all team members and is the best way of ensuring you are always on top of potential threats and advancements in technology.

Regardless of the type of your business, cyber security should be a top priority. Otherwise you risk losing vital information. Nowadays, most companies use the internet to drive sales, make a profit and preserve a reputation. If you’re not protected enough, you risk damaging that reputation. Take precaution measures: stay updated to the latest anti-virus software, get backups for all your files, and periodically verify that your employees are not stealing information. Better stay safe than be sorry down the road!

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