Tips to Make Money with Web Hosting Reseller Business Online

Today there isn’t a business on earth that couldn’t benefit from having a website and of course an online following. With so many big Web Hosting companies out there, you probably aren’t aware of the fact that you actually can break into providing a hosting service with very little hardware and for a small monthly fee. If you are looking for a way to set up a website for yourself whilst making a bit of extra cash on the side, have you considered reseller hosting? Here are the Top Four (4) Best Tips for Making a Profit with Reseller Web Hosting.

Tips to Make Money Online with Web Hosting Reseller Business

1) Look for ‘No-Limits’ Hosting

One of the major benefits of what we call the Cloud is that you can actually get web hosting that knows no limits! Not only is all your data stored in ‘the Cloud’ but it takes so many fewer resources that the speed you encounter is faster than if you used a physical server. With a ‘No Limits’ server such as those offered in the UK, you can have your own site hosted and then resell to other clients, as many as you’d like, without hampering the speed of your own website. It’s amazing, really, just how the Cloud speeds things up!

2) You Must Provide 24/7 Support

If you want to compete with the big guys, you must provide 24/7 customer support to your clients. This is what you expect and so you need to give the same consideration to those you are reselling to. In a case like this, you would need to know that your hosting company provides you with this level of service so that you have the tech support behind you to offer to your own clients.

3) Full Branding Availability & Unlimited cPanel Accounts

If you are going to be reselling some of your ‘unlimited’ bandwidth, it better be established right up front that your account you will be selling a share of has truly unlimited cPanel account availability. Some companies promise unlimited cPanels but what they mean is usually not what they advertise. If you are expecting to either pay for your own hosting through reselling some of your bandwidth or even make or Earn Money profit, those businesses will indeed need a cPanel!

4) Guaranteed Uptime and Full Failover

Nothing is worse for an e-commerce site than downtime. Every minute you are down equates to a loss in revenue and that is something you and/or your clients just can’t afford. Of course not every client you provide resale hosting to will be a commercial site, but it is frustrating nonetheless to have a site to go down unexpectedly. Unfortunately, this often happens during uploading to your server and as a result, much data is lost when the server fails. If you aren’t guaranteed a minimum of 99.99% uptime, look elsewhere.

So, you see, it is possible to host your own website and make a bit of extra cash in the process. Reseller hosting is a great way to do just that and with the right hosting company, it won’t be long before you have a list of clients yourself.

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