Top 5 Must-Have Software Tools for Startups and Entrepreneurs - Review

From the advent of the first computer to - "There's an app for that", we have come a long way and the journey has been an exciting one. Affordable technology has aided every sector, whether it is the corporate, education or medical sector amongst others. Free or inexpensive Technology has also given rise to the startup culture across the globe. Today, there are plenty of platforms and Software applications out there that won’t require you to break the bank, but will streamline and make daily operations easy to manage. The list below includes a few you should look at within the operations and marketing category. We are sharing full detailed Review on Top Five (5) Best Must-Have Software Platform Tools for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Must-Have Software Tools for Startups and Entrepreneurs - Review


No startup can do without Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software by their side. Salesforce is a cloud-based system that offers multiple features such as managing contacts, potential clients and opportunities, tools to automate the workflow as well as collaboration tools for your team. You can opt for a plan that best suits you and fits in the budget.


Providing customer support can become quite challenging and expensive for startups with minimum resources. Here’s where HelpScout comes in and takes on the role of allowing you to easily provide support online to your customers. You can put up solutions to issues through documents, instructions, tutorials and more. Customers can then refer back to this content as and when required, making your job fairly easy.

FWI Content Manager Web

The Content Manager Web offered by this company could be another great tool to have in your backpack when you are embarking on your startup journey. This web-based solution gives you the liberty to access your network at any time, from anywhere with no restrictions on your choice of browser or device. The Manager for Web allows you to be in touch with your data sources, so that you can easily display content on screens across your networks. This is a great tool for those starting out in the restaurant business or any other related sector.

Web Analytics

This is another one of those must-employ options for any startup. Google's Analytics doesn't cost you a thing, but offers great insight and gives you a lowdown about the happenings on your website. You could also take a look at KISSmetrics, in order to get a deeper understanding about the visitors on your site. With plans starting at $150, pick one that suits you best and offers what you need.


When you are starting out and need someone to assist you with your Human Resource needs, you could give cloud-based software options such as TribeHR a try. The software simplifies the process of recruiting as well as managing employee information.

When it comes to such platforms and order management software, a ‘one size fits all,’ approach doesn’t work. You will learn what works and what doesn’t through trial and error, but make sure to ask yourself whether it will meet your needs, help make your work easy, save money and time, as well as take you closer to your goals. Starting out on your own has never been easier.

Top 5 Must-Have Software Tools for Startups and Entrepreneurs - Review Top 5 Must-Have Software Tools for Startups and Entrepreneurs - Review Reviewed by TechGlobeX on 6/20/2015 Rating: 5

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