How to Improve Battery Life of of Smartphone and Tablet

From home to car, metro to office, event venue to guest’s home; you leave no opportunity to charge your phone! Maybe you just realized it after reading the first line. An increased battery life means long talks, playing games without interruption, more time to take selfies and most importantly, never having to worry about dying Battery to make an emergency call! If you constantly find your Mobile Phone on low battery end, then try these Top Seven Best Tips to Improve Battery Life of Smartphones and Tablets i.e. Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Featured Phone etc. etc.

How to Improve Battery Life of of Smartphone and Tablet

Adjust Brightness Level:

While the existing Smartphones and Tablets as well as the upcoming ones are high on vibrancy quotient, they have also been consuming battery on a large scale. If you are under proper light, set the brightness level to low. If you are outside and under glaring sun, you can increase the brightness level manually to clear the view. You must disabled automatic brightness setting because it drains out the battery life. It works on the adjustment part with utilizing phone’s sensors which means extra consumption of battery.

Turn Off GPS:

Turn on GPS only when you need it. Using GPS requires a massive power which is why you must have noticed that your phone gets on low battery mode when you start using it. You can also remove location from location apps to double the power saving effect. You can use a GPS device instead.

Manage Temperature:

Ensure that your phone doesn’t over-heat or over-cool. Either way it’s harmful. Avoid over-charging your phone, keeping it on dashboard of car, or putting it on something very cold.  There are even cooling pads available online to prevent heating of devices. Amazon has some pretty good ones and it’s easy to get them at affordable rates with these amazon coupons.

Decrease Screen’s Timeout Limit:

By decreasing the time, you will be saving plenty of battery as your phone will turn off the screen on its own. Manage your screen’s timeout by visiting your settings.

Only Use Bluetooth When in Need:

Maybe you are not aware of it, but Bluetooth consumes a large percentage of battery while it turns on. You must keep Bluetooth turned off, if you don’t need it. Implement this to see a big change.

Close Unnecessary Apps and Programs:

You have a range of Mobile Apps installed in your phone to take care of your every need. But with them constantly running on your phone, you are not taking care of its battery. Only run the critical apps plus get rid of unwanted widgets to save more on your battery life.

Switch Off Smartphone or Tablet:

If you won’t be using phone at all or even looking at it for an hour or more, just turn it off. Turning off your phone will help save battery as the apps will get closed too. But don’t do it often as then your phone will end up consuming more power. So the next time you sleep or are under a subway a no access to signal, simply turn off your phone.

With these tips, you should soon start seeing a considerable improvement in your phone’s battery life.

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