Top 3 Digital Signage Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Whether you choose to hire an IT team or opt personally to install a digital signage, it is important to ensure that you do it in the right way. Investing in digital signage with inadequate information is a grave mistake. Whether you are managing a digital signage Software or mounting a newly purchased digital sign, you should avoid making the following installation mistakes.

Top 3 Digital Signage Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Integration Problems with the IT-AV Network

Presently, it is rare to encounter AV-IT problems. The current sign servers are not different from their predecessors. Both contain IP addresses. These serve as network identifiers. Therefore, they reside on your network just as Desktop Computers. Your hardware needs replacement if it cannot work perfectly with other devices on the network.

Be ready for a surprise though. The sign servers are currently cheaper as compared to 15 years ago. It is therefore essential to purchase from the people you know. Network administrators and IT people are mostly leery when outsiders add untested gear onto their network. Reliability and security reasons always contribute to this.

Deployment Mistakes

Very simple mistakes like personal addition of extra features can be extremely costly. More often, such ventures are bound to fail. Blank screens are the results of such actions. Your need for the signage should be a driving factor as you install this device. The decision whether to have own adds or get additional outside adverts lies solely with the need for the signage. Sign replacement is also likely to be a source of deployment anomalies.

The size of the screen itself cannot attract the much needed attention. It should thus be placed conveniently where every person can see it. The best position is just above the level of your eye. Fix some standalone adverts independently on the wall. Then try to imagine that you were watching them on a signage. Where would you like to see the signage from? Test several locations before deciding on a suitable place to place your Signage Technology. Then make a permanent provision for the add signage. This position should be an eye catcher. Anyone upon entrance should be able to notice it.

Design and Software Issues

Free digital signage designs have the ability to assimilate basic designs, PowerPoint slideshows, and videos with full motion. A lot of books are available on how to handle each type of signage. As the years advance, new software programs are advancing by day. A lot is thus available for you to learn from.

The more software available makes the installation process easier. In fact, there are appliances, which you hardly spend half an hour before understanding them. An example is FireCast EasyStart. Once you are able to master the minute details, the more complicated ones become clear. Therefore, by the time you decide to hire software developers, you have an idea on how it works.

The above pitfalls are highly common when installing digital signage or managing a digital signage software. The good thing is that they are avoidable. With adequate information, you can definitely avoid falling into them.

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