Top Six (6) Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneurs to Boost Productivity

Technology has a constant need to become smaller. Mobile Phones which used to be the size of a building brick now fit into the palm of your hand. Small is good. It is convenient and can be carried with you wherever you go. It enables you to react to any situation knowing you have the tools required with you. All serious entrepreneurs should have the following small gadgets whilst running their business.

Top Six (6) Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneurs to Boost Productivity

Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam

Despite the above statement it is actually possible to go too small when video conferencing. The cameras built into tablets and laptops are not normally of a good enough standard to deal with multiple user conversations. A stand alone camera is needed. The Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam is a HD studio quality webcam with full motion, zoom and tilt. It can even pan around the scene. The camera weighs just 20 ounces and will provide the same image as a professional camera crew. You will need high quality internet to ensure this camera works properly. This essential aid will ensure negotiations are not lost due to translation errors.

Clear Hub Express

Internet on the move like never before. Providing you are in a 4G WiMax coverage you will be able to access high speed internet with the Clear Hub Express. This device is a router and hub. It is also small enough to slip into your pocket.  It is an incredibly useful bit of kit – just make sure you get 4G first!


The days of paper based offices are slowly vanishing. No longer do you need realms of paper stacked high, waiting to be signed or filed. DocuSign eliminates the need for this. It is a cloud based service which allows you to securely upload important documents and share them with those who need to see them. They can be emailed anywhere in the world and the receiver is able to read and sign the document without ever printing it.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headsets

There’s no longer a need to have plug in headphones. The Jaybird’s headsets use wireless technology and connect directly to your phone or tablet. The design looks good and is not obtrusive in your everyday routines. They also provide an excellent quality listening experience. The Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headsets can also be used to listen to music when calls are not required.

BlueAnt S4 True Handsfree Car Kit

It is now essential to the new entrepreneur to be contactable twenty four hours of the day.  This means you will need to deal with work issues whilst driving your car.  In most places the use of a phone whilst driving is illegal. The BlueAnt S4 True Handsfree Car Kit is essential to ensure you stay in touch without falling foul of the law.  It mounts on the sun visor and is voice activated. It responds exceptionally well which allows you to make and receive calls on the move. The kit can also read out a text message to ensure you are always up to date with any situation.

The Tablet or Notebook

For any true entrepreneur it is essential to be contactable and to be able to respond appropriately when necessary. Whilst many problems can be addressed using your phone there are times when a tablet or note book is essential. The iPad 2 is recommended to be one of the best for this. Despite there being a newer iPad on the market the 2 is still an excellent choice. It has a bright screen, plenty of processing power and is cheaper than the newer model. There are also many ultrabooks available on the market. These are just as capable of providing a similar service. The HP Folio is one of the best offerings with all the features you will need in a very light, stylish package.

Today’s modern entrepreneur can’t live without high-Tech Gadget devices. In fact, these gadgets are recommended because they help you stay connected. Whether we’re talking about tablets and smartphones or about office accessories and business apps, one thing’s for sure – advanced technology is the key to having a successful business in 2015. It’s literally impossible to thrive in this cut-throat domain without it.

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