Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketing & Advertising for Business

In today’s digital world, markets are no longer just a physical concept. Businesses have to contend with the fact that social media marketing is a powerful game changer. Your website is not the only online property you can and should control – if you’re not selling on social media yet, where have you been? Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising has evolved so quickly over the last 3 years that it’s a good idea to pause and review what’s good, and not-so-good as far as the platform is concerned.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketing & Advertising for Business

Features of Facebook Marketing

Facebook has also done a lot to improve its marketing experience and support for business organizations. Some of the ways in which it has done so encompass:
  • Allowing the addition of ‘Like’ signals
  • Emphasizing trending stories
  • Minimizing hoaxes and
  • Improving its News Feed
The user therefore has more customized news appearing on his page. A business organization can certainly tap into this user experience and promote itself with a great deal of success. Marketing tactics such as linking the Facebook page to your website and using a veritable cornucopia of applications such as Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feeds and so on also give you the opportunity to create a uniform digital presence across a larger number of social media sites.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

There are plenty of advantages to be enjoyed as far as marketing on Facebook is concerned.
  • 1.39 billion monthly active users all over the world which translates into a huge market place
  • $12.47 billion in revenue for the year 2014, largely due to mobile advertising
  • Fabulous ability to target demographics because users seem to have no care for privacy and let Facebook know everything about them
  • The ability to enhance user experience with carefully selected Facebook Advertisements
Facebook can provide a magnificent platform for customers all over the world to interact with businesses and brands. Any business organization can create extremely focused and targeted advertisement and marketing strategies simply because Facebook groups can be divided or segmented across almost any category.

Disadvantages of Facebook Marketing

As much as Facebook marketing is a brilliant platform for any business organization, it can also have some negatives attached to it. The simple action of hitting the ‘Like’ button perhaps does not mean much for all users. So, when a business organization receives a certain number of Likes it may not mean any increases in loyal customers.

Facebook marketing needs somebody to manage communications intensively and continuously. Since it is an open platform, any individual can post any kind of comment. Reputation management therefore has to be rigorous all the time.

Differentiating between quality and quantity is a rather difficult task when it comes to Facebook marketing. Careful marketing spend analysis is essential if you want to know exactly how much your Facebook Marketing Strategy is costing you. Organic reach levels of Facebook can also be called into question, since there’s no way to be sure a “fan” has actually seen your latest post.  The costs of acquiring and engaging new fans of the company can sometimes get prohibitive. Building a successful and strong fan base or customer base can also become an extremely slow process on Facebook. You have to dedicate time and energy for the same.

So, what has been your experience with the amazing world of Facebook marketing? Have Your Say!

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