Apple iOS 8 Most Important Features and Functions - Infographic

Apple has released the latest iOS 8 Firmware for its developers and non-developers (general public users), aimed to provide access to a ton of new features and opportunities to make their apps do great things with it. If you’re an iOS Smartphone and Tablet device user i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and looking for something that will give you more, then the iTunes Store must mean everything to you.

Apple iOS 8 Features Review

Here’s an opportunity to explore a presentation that brings a bouquet of features elaborating on a new look;
  • HomeKit APIs used for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user's home.
  • SpriteKit enhancements, such as field force, per pixel physics and inverse kinematics.
  • PhotoKit APIs with which tools can be built to edit photos directly within the inbuilt photos application.
  • CloudKit, a value-added and comprehensive back-end solution that eliminates the need for writing server code and maintaining servers.
  • WatchKit, a complete developer toolset for Apple Watch applications development.
Apple iOS also provide highly personalized smooth user experiences than ever before;
  • Explore Tab: A new Explore tab that lets users delve deeper into the App Store's offerings, including by category and subcategory.
  • Continuous Scrolling: Continuous scrolling search result.
  • App Bundles: iOS Developers now get the ability to make an iOS application bundles to better market and sell groups of apps at a discounted price.
  • Video Previews: Video previews of apps that allow user to view the app in action before they make the decision to purchase it.
  • Editor's Choice: Top apps that Apple likes get an Editor's Choice logo to help with app recommendations.
  • Analytics Tools: Redesigned iTunes connect dashboard that comes with an amazing suite of analytics tools.
Apple iOS 8 seems to be designed for both Developers & Marketers, a powerful yet secure and simple platform! So, just go ahead and let your creativity blooms out. If you have recently installed iOS 8, then following Infographic on What's New in iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch developed by dotcominfoway will helps you to explore all new features and functionality.

What's New in iOS 8 Features for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? - Infographic Review

Apple iOS 8 Core Features and Functions Review - Infographic

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