Top 7 Ways to Use Wearable Tech Gadgets for Business & Personal Benefits

If the Tech Fits, Wear it!

It was WWII generation, when the parents of Baby Boomers, who popularized the Wearable Tech gadgets and made it possible by the same miniaturization of transistors that fueled the growth of early Silicon Valley companies like Hewlett Packard and Fairchild Semiconductor in the 1950s. The hearing aid is probably the earliest example of Wearables technology to receive widespread acceptance. Today, we are writing the detailed guide and tutorial on Where and How to Use Different Kinds of Wearable Tech Gadgets for Business and Personal Benefits.

Top 7 Ways to Use Wearable Tech Gadgets for Business & Personal Benefits

Now after 60 years of lurking in the back alleys of the fashion world, Wearable tech is now well on its way to becoming a fashion category of its own and is poised to generate a whopping $20 billion revenue in 2017, According to Forbes report, So what’s on tap today in the world of wearable-ware? Let's find below.


Let’s start with hearing aids since that’s where wearable tech started. Gone are the uncool pink plastic plugs that used to protrude from your grandpa’s ear. Contemporary hearing aids are comfortable, minuscule and, almost aesthetically pleasing. With directional mics and sophisticated filtering that can be controlled with an iPhone, gone too is the frustration that caused grandpa to just choose to deal with deafness instead of wearing the darn thing.


Google Glass is still waiting on apps and shows a lot of promise if it can overcome the "glasshole” stigma that wearers have to deal with. Google’s reputation for collecting data about people may make this a show stopper. Maybe if someone else were doing it …

One of the hottest categories for wearable vision right now is virtual reality (VR) headsets for gamers. First person shooters, racing, and flight simulation, and many other game categories are going to take a major leap forward when these devices go mainstream, probably sometime in the next year.


The smart hoodie made a bit of a splash when it came out, but they haven’t been seen much on the streets or even at hack-a-thons. Much more interesting are the smart fabrics designed for more intimate (next to the skin) wear and that are integrated with apps on Smartphones. These information-age fabrics promise a range of experiences from fitness tracking to feeling what your favorite player is feeling during the big game.


Probably closer to fashionable than its cousin the bluetooth headset, the bluetooth smart ring will integrate with your smart phone and alert you to incoming text messages, emails and other events with a surreptitious vibration that will not interrupt a meeting.


Many people stopped wearing watches when they started carrying smartphones all the time. This opened up a piece of prime flesh real estate for enterprising wearable-tech entrepreneurs and the competition has been fierce. Everyone, including Apple, wants a piece of the wrist action. Fitness tracking, activity tracking, health tracking, sleep tracking, and even golf tracking, the wrist seems to be the site preferred by trackers of every ilk. Think of something you want to track, and there’s probably a bracelet for it.

Board, Helmet and Bike-ware

GoPro dominates the category of Wearables that it invented–wearable video cameras. All it takes is one visit to the GoPro website to know that GoPro goes where the action is. Surfers, bikers, base jumpers, climbers, and extreme sports nuts practitioners all over the globe swear by GoPro. And, you can see the evidence on the GoPro website if you can keep your lunch down.


Of course, this overview wouldn’t be complete without something from the “Wearable-ware for Pets” category. Most pets hardly ever even go outside without a human on the other end of a leash, but this doesn’t mean you can’t spend big bucks keeping track of Fido and Fluffy if that’s what floats your boat.

You can no longer say you have nothing to wear. We have wearable-ware for almost every part of the body. Our bionic future is future is almost within our grasp. And, it’s looking almost affordable. 

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