World Internet Usage Statistics 2014 - Infographic

The World Wide Internet is an unprecedented way and covering a vast area of knowledge and information as a source of updated news, facts, and figures. Peoples are thinking it is adding value in their daily lives.

Millions of people prefer internet as a communication tool which allows connecting with every areas around the world in every second of time. Several Internet Communication services like mail, fax, and social networks are available on the Internet and so many important pictures, documents and other files can send as email attachment within a friction of time.

Internet Usage Around the World

As compare to last few years the Internet has seen a tremendous growth in total usage. Because some people are using it as a great way to banking, investing, shopping and at the same time some are using it as a good educational and entertainment medium which helps to get knowledge about the world.

Internet uses like emails, general internet browsing, online gaming, streaming music and movies and downloading large files have paying so much attention on internet consumption. If we will see then 96 percent of the total population are using internet and Europe is in the lead. Smart devices technology is also playing a major part to connect with internet with the Wi-Fi Connection. So in today’s world it is not necessary to carry your entire work bag with you as Smartphone technology includes broadband wireless, so anywhere you want you can move with your work.

To point out all these basic things, below is an explained Infographic by the team of which trying to give some knowledge about the growth, and density of internet uses around the world globally.

Global Internet Consumption Infographic

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