Top 5 Business & Office Workers iOS Apps Review for iPhone, iPad

Looking for an excuse to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in the office? There are a number of excellent iOS Apps that countless business professionals have found perfect for their workplace needs to increase productivity in office. Below you will find the Top Five Best Office Workers and Business Related iOS Apps Review for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Top 5 Business & Office Workers iOS Apps Review for iPhone, iPad

OfficeTime iOS App Review

A very popular app amongst freelancers and small business owners, OfficeTime retails for just $7.99 with no subscription required.

The pros to using this app include its syncing abilities; it’s easy to use user interface and outstanding ability for counting and filing billable working hours. The cons, however, or more precisely ‘con’, considering that there’s only one commonly cited, is that it doesn’t include a full invoicing system, something that many business professionals have lamented. Download and Install OfficeTime App from HERE

Citrix’s ShareFile iOS App Review

A dependable, easy to use syncing program is a must taking into account just how many devices business professionals use these days.

It’s a completely free app that’s incredibly easy to use, boasts a handy offline mode, allows for multiple simultaneous file uploads and allows the user to save to sub-folders.

The drawback to this app (like OfficeTime there seems to be just the one drawback) is that it doesn’t allow files to be moved between folders. Download and Install Citrix’s ShareFile App from HERE

Citrix’s GoToMyPC iOS App Review

Another remarkable Citrix app (there seems to be a number of excellent free Citrix apps for iOS these days), GoToMyPC is an excellent example of popular remote access software that’s perfect for busy professionals working away from their regular office space who need to use their tablet.

The pros include easy setup, gesture shortcuts and a wonderfully simple user interface, whilst the cons include a lack of multitasking functions and occasionally slow response times. Download and Install Citrix’s GoToMyPC App from HERE

Nuance’s Dragon Dictation iOS App Review

For business owners and professionals who are just too busy to type, Nuance’s Dragon Dictation app could be just the iOS dictation app they’re in need of – provided that they have an internet or Wi-Fi connection because the main drawback to this otherwise very handy app is that it needs to be connected to the internet at all times.

However, not only is this handy app free to download with no subscription fees, but it’s also extremely accurate, fast and boasts the ability to share dictated messages via e-mail, and even via social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Download and Install Nuance’s Dragon Dictation App from HERE

FileMaker’s Bento 4 iOS App Review

At just $4.99, FileMaker’s Bento 4 for iPad and Mac is an excellent organisational app, one that many businesses and professionals have found extremely useful.

This organisational app boasts a wealth of handy features, including voice recording, and enables even the most novice of users to create aesthetically appealing databases in a matter of minutes with a flexible editing system, forty wonderful display-ready pre-designed templates and a very simple and easy to use interface.

The most commonly cited drawbacks to the Bento 4 App available for Mac and iOS are that it doesn’t support iCal Events, and can only sync with a Mac that’s running Bento on the same Wi-Fi network.

These are just five of the many iOS Apps you might like to take note of for the workplace – or in the case of Citrix’s GoToMyPC, the remote workplace. Due to the intensity of app development over the last few years, it suffices to say that there are plenty more where they came from so don’t limit yourself to these apps; explore your options to operate more efficiently.

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