Tips to Increase Blog and Vlog Traffic Using SEO Tools & Social Media

It’s no secret that social media marketing and SEO are two ways that have enabled webmasters to take their website across different realms of the Internet. Both these approaches, as and when applied resourcefully, have unwavering benefits and can go a long way in fuelling the website to garner huge traffic. Today we will discuss and share tips on How to Effectively Use SEO Tools and Social Media to Increase Traffic on Your Blogs, Websites and Vlogs (Video Blogs).

Increase Vlogs and Blogs Traffic

While they have changed the rules of the game, there are a few digital marketers who draw a blank when it comes to showing results. And that happens because they do not know how to swing things with flair. Resorting to arbitrary ways to get SEO and social media marketing work for you won’t produce favorable results. So, instead of racking our brains on some intangible strategies, let us get down to scrolling through some tangible tools and techniques that can help you leverage the best out of SEO and social platforms:

How SEO Tools Can Increase Traffic of Vlog & Blog Sites

There isn’t any dearth of the extremely resourceful SEO Tools. If you use them in a manner most result-yielding, you can really witness some huge numbers being funneled to your site:
  • MOZ’s Competitive Analysis -- This one is a valuable tool with a mind of its own to help you get a better understanding of the performance of your site and of your competitor’s site as well. The MOZ Analysis Tool has been hailed often for giving the webmasters a great insight into how their competitors are faring on the Internet, in terms of their ‘mentions’ spread across the web. 
  • Google’s Webmaster Tool -- If access to the right information at all times is what you need to shape some incredible strategies, the Google Webmaster Tool is for you. Giving an insight into your site’s performance that is yet to be bettered by any other tool; Google helps you pinpoint the problem areas with your site and also evaluates the keywords that are helping you to rank higher on search engines. The information you get by the means of this tool really helps you in culling strategies you deem most fit for your site. You can look for the section, ‘crawl errors’, which displays significant information bits like server errors and 404 errors. If you find too many server errors out there, make sure you contact your web hosting service provider. If however, it displays a fairly large number of 404 errors, you got to locate the pages which are causing those errors.
  • YouTube Keyword Tool -- The YouTube Keyword Tool is another highly utilizable tool that can spruce up the SEO functionality of your site. All you need to do is to upload a video on YouTube and write a short description of it. Include as many keywords as you can and you are good to go.
How Social Media Can Increase Traffic of Vlog & Blog Sites
  • To begin with, create pages for your website on the different social media platforms. Make sure to include in the list these three – Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. 
  • The exercise has to be followed by increasing your social media followers, and there are ways to do so. Post interesting updates that fall in line with your brand – they may be sober, they may be funny, but irrespective of the mood they create, they may be of stuff that people like to share with their friends. Once in a while, when you post links to your website, a large chunk of your followers is likely to click on the link which thereby Increases Vlogs and Blogs Traffic.
  • Join the groups and communities that exist on these platforms and use them to the best of your advantage. Facebook Groups, for instance, consist of people with like-minded interests. If you are running a blog around movies, it would serve you great to join some movie groups wherein you can share the URLs of your post, which also drives in a pretty reasonable amount of traffic. 
  • Use hashtags on your posts as much as you can. These hashtags have quite an importance associated with them on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. By appending hashtags to your updates, you make certain that it is visible to even those who aren’t your followers, thereby increasing the visibility of your page. 
While you can indulge yourself in a number of brainstorming sessions, SEO and Social Media also help you gain visibility with a seamless approach.

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