Internet IPOs: Which Internet Companies Share Doing Profitable Business?

Internet Companies IPOs and Their Share Trends in Stock Exchange: Where Are They Now?

We have seen the biggest developments and advancements in technology for the past few years. Computers, gadgets, equipment’s and the Internet are shaping the economy in ways we could not have imagined before. Probably the biggest change we have seen this Internet age has brought about is the way people work. We have seen virtual collaboration, remote work and cloud computing grow more than ever before.

Internet IPOs

Because of that, Internet startups have also accelerated. It also changed how businesses and companies operate. We have seen companies that already run on the Internet and the cloud. These companies are also increasing at such a rapid rate.

The unstoppable growth and development of this industry has forced these companies to create strategies for them to move forward. This is why a lot of startups have chosen to go the public route. A number of Internet companies went public in just the past few years.

There have been successful Internet IPOs (Initial Public Offering) in the past such as; Google, Yandex, Linkedin, Yelp, Facebook, Zynga and the recently huge and successful Twitter IPO to name a few. Twitter, the popular online social networking website service last month raised 1.8 billion on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Other Internet IPOs includes; Workday, Splunk, Vantiv, Eloqua, AVG and Groupon. If you're thinking to purchase a share of any of these internet companies or wants to know the per share price in the beginning when they were launched and started trending in Stock Exchange and where they are trending now and what will be their future value, than following Infographic which is based on Comparison of Internet Companies IPOs and Their Share Market Trends in Stock Exchange will surely help you.

However, just because they have had a successful start does not mean they could sustain it. This is why checked out how some of those successful Internet IPOs are doing right now. They created this Infographic to show if these startups were able to accelerate or maintain their growth by going public. It also shows how some were not as successful as the others.

Check out the Infographic below. Do you think these trends for each of the companies will continue?

Share Price Updated: 20-Jan-14

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