Why iOS Jailbreaking is Important? Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone & iPad

Advantages and Disadvantages to Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak iOS 7.X.X/6.X.X

Jailbreaking any of the Apple’s iOS Firmware version available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch removes limitations imposed by Apple and provides you access to all the features of the operating system. It is legal, and it isn’t a difficult process either. However, security experts advise against the process. Also, many people choose to play it safe by using their device exactly the way Apple intended them to. Should you risk Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? While many adventurous iOS users would have no second thoughts about it, others might want to analyze the pros and cons and decide judiciously.

Importance of iOS Jailbreaking

The Bright Side

For those who want to make their iDevice truly personalized, Jailbreaking provides them all the tools to do so. Jailbreaking iOS 7.X.X / iOS 6.X.X let you customize your device according to your requirements. You can modify the appearance and feel of the iOS. You can even rename apps and change your default browser. You can do many things that iOS 7.X.X / iOS 6.X.X does not support natively. Hence you can completely individualize your device according to your preferences.

Even though the App Store has a huge collection of apps, these might not be enough for you. Jailbreaking allows you to explore the wondrous world of apps and games. You can install any third party apps on your device. A non-Jailbroken iOS does not allow you to do that. It keeps you confined to the App Store. Jailbreaking can hence, greatly increase your iDevices functionality.

Furthermore, if you later regret Jailbreaking, you can reverse the process. You can restore it to its original condition in iTunes which will convert your device to a non-Jailbroken state.

The Dark Side

Jailbreaking iOS 7.X.X / iOS 6.X.X voids your warranty with Apple and you may be denied service for your iOS device. Jailbreaking is a violation of the end-user license agreement. Hence, you shouldn’t expect support for your Jailbroken device from the Apple Store.

The process comes along with a whole host of security issues. Jailbreaking iOS 7.X.X / iOS 6.X.X removes Apple’s sandbox protections which makes the device more susceptible to malware attacks. It allows you to install third-party apps unreview by Apple. Many of these apps can harm your device and infect it with malware. Various apps conceal spyware inside them that the user can end up installing inadvertently with the app. This allows the app developers to track your phone’s data. They can track calls on iPhone and access all other communications.

Many third-party apps drain your device’s battery faster and affect its performance. Hence, the process of Jailbreaking ultimately affects the iDevices stability and battery life. If you take your malfunctioning device to the Apple Store, they may simply deny you any support. Also, upgrading to the newer version of iOS would undo the jailbreak and you would have to wait till the jailbreak community releases the new jailbreak for that system.

If you are enthusiastic about customizing your iOS, go ahead and jailbreak your device. It would allow you to experiment with third-party apps and increase your phone’s functionality. You can do it easily by following instruction for Jailbreaking iOS 7.X.X / iOS 6.X.X for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices or wait for the final and working iOS 7 jailbreak releases. However, you should be prepared for the security risks associated with Jailbreaking. If you haven’t decided yet, you can weigh the pros and cons and suit your needs. You can choose to play it safe and remain contented with Apple’s native apps and functionality. This might not give you access to a whole range of apps, but will keep your warranty intact and your iDevice relatively secure.

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