Is Cloud Telephony a Boon or Bane for SMB Communication?

Cloud Telephony is a service integrated through the Internet which replaces the conventional business telephone unit like PBX. With the help of a third party VoIP Service, you can basically access various computer systems in and out of your city borders from a single source, as it operates on the premise of being able to access data resources and software without the need to physically manage any hardware devices for the same purpose.

Cloud Telephony for SMB Communication

Why to Use Cloud Telephony?

A Cloud Telephony System can basically be used for whatever purpose you need. From audio and video or even an IVR greeting playback, to recording of conversation for future use, and dialing extension numbers, this makes the system a lot more flexible than the traditional phone line. One of the features that have proven to be effective to companies like small and medium businesses Server Message Block Communication (SMBs) is the development of the audio feature, which gives them the opportunity to gather personnel or various teams and discuss urgent matters and share ideas or resources. The Super Receptionist capability of the system guarantees clear audio reception, outwitting the conventional way of communication.

Benefits of Using Cloud Telephony for SMB Communication

Efficient call flow:

The cloud telephony is designed to manage call flows with the use of an interactive voice response (IVR) to help you route calls efficiently. Server Message Block (SMBs) particularly can relate to this, as it does not need human assistance to engage in telecommunication services.


A system needs to be portable and must come in handy all the time. This is why systems running through the Internet are a lot more reliable in that area. With cloud telephony present, you don’t need to be at a specific place to access the system. You can be anywhere in the globe and still use it by simply logging in. 

Manage survey calls, contests or polls over the phone:

Many Server Message Block (SMBs) can definitely relate to this feature especially when you need your consumers to interact with the service you have provided. The system does the analysis and calculates the winners by itself. 

The benefits of this advanced system are clearly apparent, with only one drawback: it relies heavily on the capability of the host’s Internet level. If the operator is running at a very slow pace or encountering Internet errors, the functionality of the Cloud Computing may be greatly affected. For SMBs, this minor glitch may cause scratches to their operations.  

Nevertheless, the birth of the cloud telephony has made providers venture into it and brought forth innovations that will surely benefit the end users. These innovations and strategies may even set straight the dependency of the system to the Internet connectivity very soon. With just a little hindrance in the system, many SMBs or even start-up companies can still find the help they can get in integrating the cloud telephony to their system. With only three steps to take – register, get a number, start accepting calls, it can definitely boost the SMBs capacity to be known in the market.

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