Top Five (5) Most Unique Laptop Design & Features Available

Searching for a new Laptop can turn into a tiring and time-consuming process. Finding the best laptop for gaming won’t daunt those in the know, but comparing processors and RAM drives isn't usually that fun. Here’s a look at some of the more exciting laptop designs out there and a few of the more unusual features currently available.

Most Unique Laptop Design and Features

1)   The Hybrid Laptop:

Ultrabook…tablet…laptop… the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is one versatile machine. With a resume time of 7 seconds, this is technically an ultrabook with an impressive screen display (1600 x 900 for the 13.3-inch model) that features a double hinge, enabling the keyboard to flip 360 degrees and be positioned four different ways. While a tent pose might only be useful for cooking, the Yoga’s swivel feature is definitely the most exciting aspect of this hybrid device.

2)   The Roll-Up Laptop:

A laptop that rolls up like a piece of paper, with a shoulder strap for easy transportation – what could be cooler? Created by the Rolltop Design Company, this laptop can be unwrapped just like a scroll, with each individual segment flattening down to resemble a more traditional laptop design. It even contains a webcam and speakers. Top marks for originality!

3)   The Monitor-Less Laptop:

Korean designer Won-Seok Lee recently developed a monitor-less laptop called the B-Membrane. It has an integrated keyboard that appears and disappears when necessary. The cone shaped device can also morph into a projector, with the ability to enshroud the room in ambient mood-lighting.

4)   The Wearable Laptop:

Designed by Hiromi Kiriki, the Sony 2020 mini computer is designed to be worn as a bracelet. The device comprises a holographic projector to act as a screen, a mobile keyboard, and integrated social media capabilities. Giving a greater range of movement and portability this is one cool gadget. It won’t be more than a concept until the year 2020, but we’ll be keeping an eye on its progress.

5)   The See-Through Laptop:

Samsung recently developed an AMOLED transparent laptop. And it works just the same as any other laptop. With a 14-inch screen and a near-transparent 1280-768 display, it has very good credentials. This is the best laptop and it will be available on the market in the next year or so, and is likely to be a popular seller for the tech giant.

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