Importance of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for Websites - Online Security with SSL

What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)? Security Importance of SSL for eCommerce Websites And How to Maintain Online Security with SSL

With more and more people looking towards the Internet for their Online Shopping requirements, the need for online security continues to be a very real requirement. The convenience of being able to purchase what you need with just a few clicks, rather than enduring the rigmarole of wandering around the high street, aimlessly hoping you find what you’re after, is something that is simply too good to miss.

Online Security with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

As a business owner, maintaining your website security will increase your foothold in the market. Providing a service that your potential customers can trust can be done with an SSL Cert. With identity theft being a never-ending scandal and malicious attacks being rife, you need to do all you can to encourage a customer’s trust and that can easily be done with online security from Symantec

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a piece of technology that encrypts sensitive data that the customer may have to transfer to you in order to use your online store, including login details, passwords and credit card numbers. Without this sort of measure, there wouldn’t be any Security present and if a third party was ‘eavesdropping’, they could access the details as part of a fraudulent attack. The familiar "https://" in the address bar is a sign that an SSL certificate is present, meaning that, as a business, you understand the value of your customer and their personal details. 

If you expected your customer to give you their credit card details across the internet without SSL Protection, it would be the same as asking them to write all of their sensitive data on the back of a postcard for all to see. SSL behaves like the traditional envelope, ensuring that all is done to ensure the information inside isn’t leaked to anyone learned enough to look for it. 

Research the various options for Online Security from Symantec and invest in the package that suits your business to keep your customers protected and consumer confidence sky high. 

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