Upcoming Amazon's Product Roadmap for Year 2013 - Overview

If there is some business that has done some astounding job in less than 20 years then the credit should certainly go to Amazon. Some may take the accomplishment for granted but the world knows very well their contribution to online selling and how they made it happen so flawlessly over the years since infancy. It is simply amazing the way they built everything from scratch – logistics, computing, digital content… and other supporting services so impeccably. The future for Amazon appears very bright; at least that is what reviewers say about Amazon. Now Amazon it seems is stepping into hardware business as well with its handheld devices as well.

Amazon Products for 2013

Amazon like most successful businesses began life in a simple way, and books were their primary target during their early days of evolution. Since then they have branched into a vast store where everything is sold and bought, including media. Gradually Amazon began tapping into providing sellers a vast market place for goods, especially homes. Now it is even beyond selling cars and even offices. The driving force behind all this is their zeal to amass vast information and data that they painstakingly gathered, and that is partly responsible for the immense success.

The good thing about Amazon is they did not forget their roots, even as they climbed up the ladder to success. Some of the sectors into which they are making inroads, include cloud computing and hardware manufacturing. The day is not far off when they would have reached the magical figure of 100 billion dollars in sales, and that from a business which is considered one of the most complicated involving millions of users and enterprises of a vastly diverse nature.

So what is all this hold for the future of Amazon? You may be wondering like everyone who has been following Amazon. With an already impressive profit to earnings ratio, the company would have received more attention but for the fact that it was not holed up in a place like Silicon Valley. Now it is time to think, with all these to their credit, what will be their future plans? To put it simply, they are potentially sitting on a goldmine with their hard-earned momentum. Chances are it may turn into something like the Apple’s success story doubtlessly.

One major business line they will directly challenge in the immediate future is the mega stores in the offline business area. Another area in which they might prove their might is the realty business with which they might come face to face. Amazon is already into these areas, you might know. The challenge may be a little difficult, but nevertheless, with the kind of reach they have, it should be practical as a business plan. Still another area in which they might step is mobile apps development and mobile based business. Which way they will go is still to be seen.

In the next few years, notably beginning 2013, the company may well get into consolidating its services relating to delivery of physical goods, including digital and add might to its already burgeoning arsenal. Content creators are already using Amazon’s fine feats for self-publishing, distributing and getting payments for the work they do. The next step Amazon might take is having its own publish arm in 2013, though they may have not said that in so many words. Gaming might also be their next area for focus, and that is hint from the way they are dabbling with Askville. Pitching in their might will be independent authors who will see a vast place for their creations.

In all probability, Kindle will single handedly provide everything that iPod gave to Apple to make it a technology company. Amazon will in all probability leverage this to grow mightier that what it is today. Kindle it may be remembered uses Amazon for providing readers the right fare. Amazon’s success with Kindle may reverberate in Apple and might even encourage them into coming up with never readers like the Kindle for example. May be they will even create a new product for that purpose. Still another arena in which Amazon will want to make a foray is television, where they may want to deliver directly to customers. Anyways, year 2013 is going to be great for Amazon

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