Top Six (6) Best Free iOS Apps Review of 2013 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

The Year 2012 witnessed the launch of some of the Greatest Apps for iOS Devices. Some made a debut, some made a comeback, but what’s important was that every app managed to utilize the full potential of the iOS specifications such as the retina display, processing capacity and showcased a unique feature in their functioning. Now the Year 2013 has comes and brings-out the some Best and Free iOS Applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices from Apple. So in this post we are going to Review of Top Six (6) Best Free iOS Apps of 2013 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices.

Top 6 Best Free iOS Apps of 2013

The number of appealing iOS Apps to roll out this year 2013 is so huge that it’ll be literally impossible to list each and every one of them. So we’ve skimmed, filtered and shortlisted some of the Best and Free iOS Apps of 2013 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which we believe that they are really great among the good ones. So, here’s the list.

1)   Google Maps Free iOS App Review:

The king of navigation applications makes a comeback and shows how a map-app should look. The application for the iOS now offers voice assisted turn-by-turn navigation, street view, information on public transit, live traffic, and local searches related to restaurants, cafes, and 3600 panoramic view, all in a neatly put user interface. The app was developed so well that it even surged the adoption rate of iOS 6 among users. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, it is recommended that you do, even if you know how to reach a place! (Click here for Download Link)

2)   Evernote Free iOS App Review:

Evernote offers a convenient way of recording and creating notes. Got a thunderous idea or do you want to be reminded of something? Evernote takes care of everything. The app allows you to instantly feed any type of information such as notes, pictures, to-do-lists, voice reminders and organize the created notes, search for text embedded in an image and save them for the future. One of the best features of the app lies in its ability to synch data from multiple devices. So, if you have created a note in your iPhone, you can easily view it in any other device that you possess such as your tablet and PC. A great app for personal use and to boost productivity! (Click here for Download Link)

3)   Comics Free iOS App Review:

Within every one of us, rests a kid that refuses to grow up. And that kid still has the urge to catch up with the latest comic of his favorite superhero. So, for those who have experienced this urge but felt too shy to approach the shop for a comic, here’s the Comic app for iOS. The app contains over 30,000 graphic novels in digital format that includes comics from big publishers like the Marvel, Detective Comics, Disney, IDW and others. The app is free, but requires a one-time purchase of the comic. Once downloaded, it can be read infinite times. And yeah, it sure looks stunning on the iPad! (Click here for Download Link)

4)   Instagram Free iOS App Review:

I know the privacy settings controversy sure kindled anger among many users, but what we can never deny is its functionality. On witnessing the change in our privacy policy, we may have opted for various Instagram alternatives, but did we find any replacement for Instagram? No! So, let’s move on and get back to making our photos look vintage, once again. As most of us know, the app offers some amazing array of effects and filters that perfectly fit in to the mood and tone of the picture. It also offers unlimited uploads, instant sharing to popular social networking websites and completely supports the iPhone’s rear camera. A great app that requires frequent visits to the privacy settings! (Click here for Download Link)

5)   Facebook Free iOS App Review:

Does anybody want an explanation on what Facebook is? Apparently not! Still, this popular social networking app for the iOS offers a convenient and  instant way to catch up with your friends and family, share pictures and videos, get to know who’s-doing-what, chat, text and play games. (Click here for Download Link)

6)   Pandora Free iOS App Review:

Pandora is one of the efficient radio apps that only play what you will love to hear. All you have to do is just enter the name of your favorite musician, song or band and Pandora will make sure that a personalized radio station which plays songs only of your preference is created. It’s free, but if you want to listen to a more personalized and commercial free radio, you can subscribe to the Pandora One app, priced at additional charges. (Click here for Download Link)

So, these were some of the Free Applications for iOS of 2013 that were truly convenient and appealing in terms of their usability and functionality.

Top Six (6) Best Free iOS Apps Review of 2013 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Top Six (6) Best Free iOS Apps Review of 2013 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Reviewed by TechGlobeX on 1/06/2013 Rating: 5

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