Top Five (5) Best Open Source Technologies Review for Year 2013

The Year 2012 marked a mushrooming in the number of Open – Source Technologies, however despite the increase in the number that we have seen in the past couple of years there were a few that managed to leave seemingly everlasting footprints. Some of these technologies reformed their counterparts and have empowered innumerable people, groups and companies with their creative strategies and solutions. The Year 2013 has arrived with some promising and Best Open Source Technologies that will dominate this year and that will provide users flawless experience in Open Source Technologies fields so in this blog-post we are going to Review of Top Five Best Open Source Technologies of 2013 which includes; Codename One Review, CFEngine Review, Kaltura Review, Magento Review and Audacity Open-Source Technologies Review.

OpenSource Technologies of 2013

Review of Codename One - An Open Source Technology:

Established in the year 2012 by two engineers that were associated with Sun Microsystems named Chen Fishbeinand Shai Almog, Codename One with its launch was able to captivate some of the most powerful brands like Vodafone to name one and soon has become a very compelling device for global mobile developers. This new open source technology enables employing an exclusive codebase for Java that permits developers to build and create mobile applications over multiple systems of mobile operations. This in turn aids in convincingly minimizing costs and time and lowering fragmentation and promises to play a very pivotal role in mobile applications.

Review of CFEngine - An Open Source Technology:

After having undergone two revisions, CFEngine currently runs globally on a very large number of computer systems and includes a clientele list like LinkedIn and NASA to boast off. This unique software that is available in a diverse range of monetary strands and user types automatizes massive IT computing infrastructure by implementing conformity, security and readiness of important services and applications related to the project. 

Review of Kaltura - An Open Source Technology:

Unveiled in the year 2006, Kaltura has swelled with success with close to 28,000 developers that have registered with them and a customer base of over 150,000 that includes some prominent names such as HBO and Best Buy and the very many universities that they have as well. Kaltura is not just the forerunner but also the only online open source platform for video that proposes formable video solutions via media management apps and also provides a scheme for building custom applications. This software has marked its prominence in media companies, large and medium enterprises, web publishers and service providers.

Review of Magento - An Open Source Technology:

Roy Rubin and Yoav Cutner in the year 2007 launched Magento and gave technology an addition that was so innovatively designed that it has carved a niche in the open source platform. What they created and build saw an explosion of sorts by the year 2010 and what started as a platform that gave complete charge and flexibility to businesses over not just the design but also the content and functionality of retailers online to providing solutions at an enterprise level. Declared as the most rapidly flourishing global e-commerce platform it pretty much stands tall to the fresh breed of competitors.

Review of Audacity - An Open Source Technology:

Little did Carnegie Mellon students know that what they have created would scale such heights. RogerDannenberg and Dominic Mazzoni launched Audacity in the year 2007 which was a digital open source recorder and editor. The software marked momentum after leading the charts at the Community Choice Award for being the Top Multimedia Project for both the years 2007 as well as 2009 and there was no looking back. October 2011 marked close to 77 million downloads and the numbers are forever growing. Audacity is currently available in close to over 20 languages and retains the crown for being the most sorts after audio tool in the open source platform.

These Top 5 Best Open Source Technologies have not just dominated the software industry but have also provided a platform for budding businesses and fresh enterprises by seizing the attention of companies, developers, service providers and administrators and with the constant influx of new software solutions they have maintained their distinctiveness and continue to do so in the year 2013 and so on!!

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