Top Seven (7) Hootsuite Dashboard Tool Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

Gone are the days when marketing was purely a one-way communication medium that was directed from the marketing teams towards customers. Nowadays, marketing has evolved as an exchange of information between the company and the customer. This seamless conversation between the organization and the target market, regardless of the geographic location of the customer, is made possible by social media platforms. While there are a number of social media marketing platforms available in the market, choosing the right platform to suit your needs is difficult.

Hootsuite Social Media Dashboard Review

The success of your social media efforts depends on your ability to stay active on all your media channels.  Managing all your social media marketing efforts from one place is certainly tough. To help you bring all your social media accounts of various platforms into a single place is made possible with HootSuite. With HootSuite’s Social Media Management Dashboard, you can manage your social networks across multiple profiles, track the number of times your brand name has been mentioned, analyze and measure media traffic and also schedule your messages to suit your convenience. 

Here are a few tips to maximize your social media efforts using HootSuite:

1)   Embed your search stream in HootSuite:

HootSuite allows you to embed search streams by clicking on the down arrow on the menu at the top right corner of HootSuite’s search stream. By clicking Embed and copying the code on to your website or blog, you can embed search stream in HootSuite. 

2)   Auto Scheduling and Assigning Tasks in HootSuite:

Not everyone you interact with lives in your time zone. With HootSuite’s auto scheduling option, you can time your posts to meet your follower’s time.

HootSuite allows you to assign specific tasks to specific members and get notifications once these tasks are completed. A great feature when there is an urgent phone call or mail that needs to be sent out. Using this feature, you can ensure that there is someone to attend to the task immediately.

3)   Filter Streams using Keywords:

HootSuite gives you the freedom to filter through a number of feeds with the keywords you are looking for. You simply have to type a title or a particular topic of interest; you’ll quickly find what you are searching for. But, HootSuite is not equipped to exclude key terms during the search. 

4)   Filter Streams using Klout:

Following current events or a hashtag is made possible using Klout. First, locate the drop down arrow in the top right of the search stream.  Then, select the option to filter using Klout score. 

5)   Get personalized reports:

HootSuite comes with over 30 templates that help you in generating your own reports and statistics. You have the freedom to choose any template that caters to your needs and requirements. HootSuite also allows you to integrate Facebook Insights and Google Analytics

6)   Time-Delay Messages:

One of the most useful features in HootSuite is its ability to delay posting messages. You can create any message you want and save it in drafts. Plan updates and tweets in advance and post them when your marketing schedule calls for it. You can save considerable amount of time when you have to send proactive announcements and messages across social forums. 

7)   Dashboard Notifications:

HootSuite dashboard notifications are a great way to know whether any activity has taken place on any of your social media platforms. You need not open each and every media portal just to check if there has been any kind of activity. You’ll be notified if there is any activity taking place in any of your social media accounts.

Other than these simple tips using HootSuite to maximize your social media efforts, you can also search HootSuite using your location as the keyword. You can also create keyword-based search streams; make use of smart queries for a number of terms, filter using geographic locations and language, and search using the number of times your brand or company name has been mentioned. HootSuite comes with a number of advantages and it is one of the best tools you can use to get the maximum out of your social media marketing efforts. 

Top Seven (7) Hootsuite Dashboard Tool Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign Top Seven (7) Hootsuite Dashboard Tool Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign Reviewed by TechGlobeX on 1/05/2013 Rating: 5

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