Top Four (4) Must-Have iPad Applications Review with Download Links

When iPads were first introduced by Apple, critics pointed out that this was a huge risk and the product won’t last long in the market. However, it seems that the company was dang on target once again because today there is much ado about the possibility of iPads replacing laptops.

Despite of the groundbreaking nature of the product, the user will have access to some limited apps when he/she purchases the gadget. Luckily iPad App Developers have created innumerate applications so that the user can truly enjoy using iPad.

1)    Drop Box iPad App Review:

Just install and configure drop box and file transfer or data management within your personal devices becomes simple. If you have any file within your drop box account, it will automatically be saved within your laptop, iPad, and the desktop PC without any hassle. Drop box is a free application from iPad that simplifies data transfer. (Click Here to Download Drop Box iPad App Now)

2)    PhotoShop Express iPad App Review:

Perhaps everyone is aware of Adobe Photoshop but the arrival of this app is certainly a remarkable achievement of iPad App Developers. Now you don’t have to wait until you reach home. With this app, you can flip, rotate, crop and add effects to your images instantly or while you are on the go. Though the user will not find all the features compatible to iPad, it is still a great application for light use on Photoshop. (Click Here to Download PhotoShop Express iPad App Now)

3)    Kindle iPad App Review:

In the list of most useful iPad app development, Kindle is not far behind. If you have acclimatized to the idea of book reading through iPad, then you are in luck. Just install Kindle app and get a great selection of e-books. For the existing kindle account holders, the process is simpler than you can imagine. Just log in to your kindle account and you can have access to as many books as you like. (Click Here to Download Kindle iPad App Now)

4)    iDisplay iPad App Review:

iDisplay is the living example of how interesting iPad Application Development can get. This app allows the user to employ his iPad as a side monitor for any PC. (Click Here to Download iDisplay iPad App Now)

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