How to Speed Up WordPress based Websites and Blogs - Tips & Tricks

This is one of the most common doubts that most of us have, especially businessmen, because they are usually very keen on scaling their websites. Depending upon the size of the website, the steps taken would differ drastically. There are several ways to improve its performance. When reaching your web page becomes a time consuming task, then viewers are going to look for better alternatives. It all happens within a few seconds. Once the number of viewers starts to decrease, the future of your business will be at stake. Another factor is that Google rates your website depending upon the time taken to reach the site.

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If you have a huge website then you need to look into the finer details and get every issue sorted out in order to maximize the speed. However, if it’s a small website, then just one or two steps are more than sufficient to sort out the issue. Let’s begin with plug-ins. Is there anyone who doesn’t love them? I’m sure every one of us does. Still what we often do is install certain plug-ins that we don’t normally use. As a result, a lot of space is consumed and we also end up compromising on speed. So, try and remove them if not needed. This way you don’t have to fret over the issue of speed.

Cache plug-in creates a world of difference to your website’s speed.  Make sure you have one installed to improve the effectiveness of your site. The moment you have a visitor on your site, Word Press tracks it down. The Caching plug-in will save the flat HTML version. There are numerous options available in the market and you can choose depending upon the needs of your website. WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are a few examples worth mentioning.

The next step is to identify the right Hosting Provider. In case you are not a web hosting expert, this might sound like Greek and Latin. Usually, when we start our own website, we solely rely on Host Gator and GoDaddy. Instead, you can check out where a list of other options is available. Or why not have an open discussion with your buddies about hosting. They will be able to offer you a good solution. Just keep in mind that the minimum requirements have to be met and you are all set to rock!

One of the greatest challenges is that users never optimize their images. The moment you sense that a particular image is taking much longer to load, it’s better to leave it aside and choose a better option. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the image are important. It is extremely important to resample the image to 72ppi. And hosting your videos on YouTube is anytime a better option. Themes change the speed of your website. So choose your theme wisely. Most of all it is good practice to regularly clean up your word press just like housekeeping.  These unique steps when followed diligently contribute to the speed mechanism of your word press website in the long run!

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