Tips On How to Write Authentic Blog Content without Misleading Blog Readers

A lot of Blogs these days are personal blogs where the owners write about their frustrations, losses, and victories, plus a whole gamut of tips and DIY tricks that cover practically every imaginable subject there is.

There are also blogs that serve as an advertising venue for individuals who have services or products to sell. Still, there are blogs that provide information and/or advice on a wide range of topics; from health and education to marriage and relationships, parenting, cars, bikes, sports and home improvement.

Unfortunately, not all “information” blogs are as informative as they claim to be. As a matter of fact, quite a few blogs can be considered “empty” in that they do not contain anything of substance or importance. Worse, they contain copy-pasted material and inaccurate information.

Quality Content Check

Get Your Facts Right and Straight:

When Blogging about something that deals with medical conditions, current news, history, or any other topic that you want to write about as factually as you possibly can; do your research.

Do not just write about something so extensively that you make your readers believe you know what you are talking about when in fact, you’re only writing about something you heard about. Verify hearsay. Talk to resource persons.

Truth to tell, surfers have become very tech-savvy and they can instantly determine whether or not what you have written about is true just by doing their own bit of research online.

They can also instantaneously find out if what you posted on your blog belongs to another author – that is, if no proper attribution was mentioned in your post.

There are programs online that help surfers determine if something was copied from another source – in short, if something was plagiarized.

Blog Readers are Smart Readers:

The best way to attract readers and keep readers is to write stuff that you know about. When you post information on your Blog whose factual authenticity cannot be disputed because it was truthfully and accurately written, you are providing your readers with helpful information.

This, in turn, may encourage them to keep checking back for things that they want to learn more about or simply to enjoy your well-written posts.

It is therefore imperative that you keep your smart readers in mind when writing your posts. Consider how they will take what you’ve just written. Will they enjoy your post and find it relevant or will they find it empty, boring and a total waste of their two minutes?

If you wish to make hundreds of hits in a day, writing posts with the consideration of just how smart and witty the internet population is of vital importance. By keeping them in mind, you will be guided as to what and how to write your articles.

However, if you simply enjoy writing online and do not actually care too much about how many hits your blog gets per day; then I suppose you can just keep on writing to your heart’s delight without keeping certain things in check.

You should know though, that a well-thought-out blog that receives huge traffic may call the attention of online advertisers and seek to post an ad on your blog.

This means that you can continue doing what you love – which is coming-up with well-written, relevant and informative posts – and earn extra cash on the side.

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