Ten (10) Methods and Ways to Improve Home Safety & Energy-Efficiency with Smart Technology

Top 10 Methods and Ways to Improve Home Safety and Energy-Efficiency with Smart Technology

Think of the times you may have left the iron on, a pan on the stove, a window open, or left the garage unlocked.Smart technology gives you the means to eliminate or manage these potential disasters with new appliances. All this is done from the convenience of a smart phone.

Home Safety and Energy-Efficiency

Safety at Home with Smart Technology

1. Fire is a constant risk at home with faulty appliances, unguarded open fires and kitchen accidents. Smoke alarms are a necessity in all homes but run into disuse if they go off when just a piece of toast burns. Smartsmoke alarms know the difference between burnt toast and a burning sofa. They use a laser light to analyse the spectrum of emitted vapours and give a quick fire alert. Some smart smoke detectors can register burning insulation before any large amount of smoke is emitted.

2. Smart burglar alarm systems trigger lights and sounds when an intruder steps on or near a sensor along windows, doors or gardens. The alarm can be monitored from a smart phone. Even smarter systems send a reply to the intruder, such as the sound of a very angry barking dog. Check on the wide price range of products available if you want to find out more about home security systems.

3. Smart door locks eliminate the need for keys and the risk of losing them. Lock doors with a digital code instead. This can be changed at various intervals or for visitors. The technology enables you to check the status of a lock remotely from your smart phone, so you will be aware if someone has tried to break in to your home. You can make sure that you lock that garage door that you may have forgotten earlier in the day.

4. Smart technology allows you to switch on lights and appliances remotely. This gives you the chance of varying the times when lights are switched on in your home and of confusing any burglar who may be monitoring your property.

5. Remotely monitored CCTV is a smart technology that can observe any movement in your home from anywhere in the world. Display screens can be set up at home but also through the internet and onto smart phones. Thistechnology can also be integrated with lighting times in the house.

Energy Monitor with Smart Technology

6. Energy monitors give you the means to track and monitor your energy usage at home and so control the costs.Smart energy monitors have portable displays that connect wirelessly to the sensor unit.

7. You will know exactly how much your bill amounts to, so you will be able to switch off appliances or turn down the thermostats to save money and energy. The installation of a smart energy monitor leads many users to cutenergy bills by between 3% and 10%.

8. Energy monitors record the electricity your home consumes and displays the data at 10-second intervals. You'll be able to work out how much energy each appliance uses. The recording devices within the monitor will keep a historical record of costs, so you can compare your energy usages over the year. This is valuable as homeowners realise that televisions and laptops especially continue to use energy when they are on standby. The costs of keeping appliances on standby can sometimes add up to 8% on a domestic electricity bill.

9. An energy monitor is easy to operate. It works by sensing the changes in an electromagnetic field around a power cable to an appliance. All you need to do is to place it next to the cable or in some models clamp it tightly around the cable and watch how it displays the running costs of your appliance. Link together a number of appliances with an adaptor to measure their combined energy usage.

10. Change your home appliances to smart technology. These include smart lighting and power controls and even automatic irrigation systems in larger gardens.

Conclusion: Smart technology for the home can provide comfort and peace of mind to householders at a reasonable cost. Remotely controlled energy monitoring and saving devices help keep utility bills down. Use a smart phone to control locks and lighting in your home from anywhere in the world.

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