How to Earn Maximum Profits/Revenue on a Monetized Mobile App - Analysis of ROI

How to Earn Maximum Profits and Revenue on a Monetized Mobile Application to determined Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

Opting for the right mobile app monetization options can mean the world of difference between failure and success. Developers who opt for designing free mobile apps also have development costs to recoup. Therefore monetizing your app with the proper options is of paramount importance.

There has been an intense debate between what constitutes the right approach to mobile app monetization with a maximum return on investment. Here are some of the best practices that can help make your income stream larger.

Never ever stay reliant on default ad networks like iAds for iOS or AdMob for Google:

Simply put it means exactly that. By not putting all your eggs in one basket, you leave your monetization options wide open. Default ad networks like iAds and AdMob have abysmal ‘fill rate’ rating of 50% meaning half the times the ads requests are not been shown thus earning you NIL.

It should be noted that the lesser the fill rate rating the lesser you earn on ads calculated per thousand impressions (eCPMs). And whats more, the default ad networks may not be even paying you higher than other alternatives out there. So always be on the lookout for ad networks that have a higher fill rate and a high eCPM rate as well.

Try experimenting with various Ad Networks by utilizing an Ad Mediator:

MobiClix, AdWhirl and Smatto are some of the popular ad mediators in use today. They allow developers to achieve a fill rate of almost 100%. By using 3 different ad networks in conjunction with an Ad mediator, mobile app developers stop the decline that stem from dropped ad requests.

Simply put the job of an ad mediator is to display ads from other ad networks even if the ad request fails on the primary network. It prioritizes ads display.

Again the same advice applies. Don’t get comfortable with your preset ad networks. Always stay on the lookout for new and better ones.

Look for Affiliate Partners:

This is a largely untapped revenue source of mobile app monetization. You, the mobile app developer can join hands with an affiliate partner to boost your income. Every time a user clicks on the affiliate link in the App Store or Google Play Store that hosts your app, you can earn 5% commission per click!

Mobile App monetization is a science in itself. It requires careful thought and analysis to ensure that app developers get the maximum return on investment.

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