Google I/O Conference 2012 and Google+ Plus Success Story with Future Plans

This summer, Google+, the namesake social network of Google, turns one. The first anniversary of its 2011 launch fell during the 2012 Google I/O Conference, an annual event attended by over 6,000 developers. Previously, Google has launched big new projects at the conference including Google Maps and Chrome. This year, among its many announcements Google honored the first birthday of Google+ by showing off two new additions to the social network.

First, Google announced that tablet apps for Google+ are on their way. Available for Android tablets and the iPad, the Google+ app will feature an animated stream, new tools for hangouts, and more. The release of these apps will significantly increase the mobility of Google+ and enable users to bring the social network with them wherever they may be.

Google Plus Future Plans

Second, Google launched Google+ Events, a new tool through which users can create event pages, invite guests, and keep track of attendees.  Google+ Events is unique because of its use of photos and videos.  Users can upload photos and videos to event pages prior to events and send out video invitations.  Even better, users can turn on “Party Mode” to shoot photos and videos at the event and have them automatically uploaded to the event page.

While the tablet apps and Google+ Events are big new additions to Google+, they aren’t the first.  Over the past year Google+ saw a redesign that included a new navigation ribbon, larger photos, and the addition of an Explore page.  Moreover, in November 2011, Google integrated the social network with Google Apps, its cloud computing platform, in order to bring the Google network closer together.

One of Google’s current goals is to provide users with a simpler online experience by making the transition between various Google platforms more seamless.  Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at Google, considers Google+ an important part of achieving this goal, as he believes the social network can help integrate the varied platforms with one another and provide a central spot for Googlers.

As Google+ begins its second year, it will do so with the focus of making the Google experience simpler.  Given its success during the first year - attracting over 250 million users and earning recognition as a top social network for businesses - one can expect that it will make headway toward achieving this goal.

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