Mobile Internet Broadband Advantages and Users Fears On Expenses

Why People are Not Using Mobile Internet Broadband in Fears of its Expenses?

Mobile Internet Broadband is an increasingly popular technology. It is a technology that allows you to use your high-speed internet wherever you are. However, with the increasing expenses, most people have started to second-guess the technology. But Mobile Broadband is not that expensive as people think it is, actually it can be very handy for those people who needs to travel most from country to country and who don’t have much time to spend on desktop computers for internet browsing. You can also use your Mobile Internet Broadband service with your personal laptops, notebooks, tablets or even with your iPad's. One can easily differentiate between Mobile Internet Broadband with any other broadband service worldwide. So today we will discuss the advantages and fears of users on Mobile Internet Broadband Expenses.

What is Mobile Internet Broadband?

Mobile broadband is a service that allows you to connect to the internet without using a fixed land-line. High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is the technology that has enabled us to use high-speed internet wherever we go. For convenience, it is more commonly known as “Mobile Broadband”.

Normal fixed-line connection utilizes a modem in order to connect a user with a service provider. With mobile broadband, a special stick or USB dongle is usually required to connect to the internet. The stick or dongle usually plugs right into a normal USB port.
Most devices are simply “plug and play”, allowing you to simply connect the dongle and use the internet right away. Others require certain software in order to get the internet running.

Advantages of Mobile Internet Broadband

Fixed-line internet is the most common form of internet today. It is through a physical line that internet is delivered to most homes and companies today. These lines usually connect to a modem, which can then transmit the internet to other devices using either wired or wireless means. However, mobile broadband does not work that way.

Quite possibly the biggest advantage of mobile broadband is the fact that there is no fixed-line involved. All you need to do is plug your USB internet Dongle into a USB port and you are free to use the internet. By not having a fixed-line in place, you can use your mobile internet connection wherever you go.

Furthermore, motor homes are significantly benefitting from mobile broadband. Because motor homes are always on the move, there really is no possibility of a fixed-line. For such people, mobile broadband really is the smarter, in fact, the only approach to internet.

Users Fears on Mobile Internet Broadband

With mobile broadband being an emerging technology, you may think that it is quite expensive. Although many companies charge for the initial dongle, others do not. The base price of high speed internet is, therefore, comparable to normal fixed-line internet. In essence, the amount of data on your plan and the speed of the internet changes with the amount you wish to pay.

The biggest fear that you may, and should, have is that of the speed and data cap. When compared to normal fixed-line internet, most mobile broadband plans offer a significantly smaller data cap. This can be problematic for people who download a lot of data, or use data intensive programs such as Skype.

Most mobile broadband packages come with the phrase “speeds up to x Mbps”. This states the maximum speed you can get on your wireless connection. Unfortunately, the speed you get on mobile broadband is usually slower than those of fixed-line connections. However, if you live in close proximity to an exchange, you can get very fast speeds.

Many plans have started to emerge that allow you to pay as you go. These “pay-as-you-go” plans require that you ONLY pay for the amount of data that you have used. In this day and age, the average amount of data used is quite large.
People fear the amount of data they use. If you use Skype a lot, you probably know how much data it can use. Pay-as-you-go methods can stack up a big bill mainly because you do not have control over the amount of data used (in certain cases such as Skype).

Furthermore, sharing a mobile broadband connection is not easy unless you purchase a specific modem from the service provider; a needed purchase by most people. This is an extra cost that most people do not want mainly because sharing increases the amount of data used. In cases of home usage, this can be a detrimental expense.

As technology improves, we may see faster speeds on mobile broadband connections. As time progresses, we may see higher data caps. Despite all its advantages, the expense of smaller data caps combined with higher extra data usage charges really does deter people from mobile broadband. Only time will tell if the speeds are increased and the caps raised.

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