Send Welcome Messages to New Twitter Followers Automatically

How to send Welcome Message to New Twitter Followers Automatically?

Twitter a new medium of connecting with the masses:
The world is moving at such a fast pace that at times it bewilders the mind. Amongst the various medium of communications twitter stands out as a pillar of social media with great features. This social network as writer Clive Thompson calls “ambient awareness” was developed by the members of the podcasting company “Odeo” in a brain storming session. Twitter helps to save time. This is not a mere statement but a reality. Instead of making a phone call to a friend or various friends to inform them of something as insignificant as a choice of material or as meaningful such as an invitation to a party; Twitter is the mode to help you in both situations. As more and more people are becoming time starved, twitter helps to create and savor an environment of social warmth.

Not only a means to communicate:
Twitter is not only a channel for being connected with people but it can also be used as a marketing tool, after all they say word of mouth is the best marketing tool. Discussions by people are also an effective means to spread information. So if you decide to have new members there should be a way to make them feel welcome and what better way than to send them a welcome tweet. This can be troublesome as for one may not be able to keep a track of how many new users are joining his/ her network. So in order to curb this issue, engineers have suggested the following:

Method to send a welcome message to new Twitter Followers automatically: 

Follow  the following simple steps to Send Welcome Messages to New Twitter Followers. The auto responder can be activated with the help of the following process. 
  1. Log in to Sendible account. In case you don’t have an account, sign up and get free trial.
  2. Go to Add/Edit Services and select Automation tab.
  3. After that add Twitter Auto Responder.
  4. Then go to settings and provide the required information.
  • Description: You need to provide this for your reference.
  • Twitter account: Choose a Twitter account to send messages to all the new followers. In case your Twitter account is still not added, go to Add/Edit Services.
  • Message: Type whatever it is that you want to share with your new followers. Moreover multiple messages can also be sent along with inserting merge tags. 
  • Message Type: There can be two types of messages, DM which is a private message or Tweet which everyone has access to.
  • Auto Follow: You can select this option if you wish to automatically follow someone.
  • Frequency: You can also choose how often your account should check if you have any new followers or if any new messages have been sent out.
      5. Now save the Settings.

Injecting the above mentioned method will help develop stronger ties with your Twitter Followers and Friends. It is suggested that this method be adopted so that interaction with your followers is made friendlier, as soon as they will receive your welcome message the surge of affability they will feel cannot be measured in words. So connect with your friends out there and don’t miss out the little joys of life. Now a days many website owners are also providing potential and relevant Twitter Followers for your brands and businesses Twitter account, you can also try to Buy Followers on Twitter if you want to grow your business or Twitter followers.

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