Google to Close Down '' and Other Projects

We mentioned earlier in our blog post about the closure of several Google Projects in upcoming months. Google has already shut down its several projects last year including Google Buzz, Google Waves, iGoogle etc. and now Google is going to shut down its highly profile project named "" online photo editing website, Not only Picnik but Google will also close its other ventures including Needlebase, Urchin Software and Social Graph API projects soon in upcoming months. According to Google's Post, Google is more focusing towards its upcoming projects and wanted its staff to be more focused on other profitable projects like Google+.

Google acquired online photo editing website in 2010 but today the company said, "We’re retiring the Picnik on April 19, 2012" so the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products. If any user of Picnik wants to get its data from can get it from here and can download a zip file through Picnik Takeout or copy them to Google+. Google have also unlocked the premium features of Picnik's so that users can get more benefits from it before its closure. People who paid for the premium service will receive refunds.

Closure of other Google projects includes Needlebase, the data management platform will also be shut down on June 1, 2012.

The Social Graph API from Google, which gives developers information about public connections between people on the web, will also be closed on April 20, 2012.

Urchin Software from Google, a client based online web analytics product, will also be shut down on March 2012.

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