Suspended File-Sharing Functionality and Affiliate Program

The most popular and leading File Sharing and Hosting Service of Internet "FileSonic" has suspended its operation of File-Sharing functionality for its users after the dispute of "MegaUpload" last week in which U.S. officials had arrested the owner and members of "MegaUpload" and shutdown the company's website and function from all over the world. I think every single File Sharing and Hosting Service is now worried about their future and trying to not engaged in any legal dispute like "MegaUpload".

"FileSonic" is in the race of the Top-10 File-Sharing and Hosting Websites on the internet with over 250 million pageviews per month. The company's decision to shut down sharing functionality will surely gonna affect website's reputation and the performance of the website and users service, the disability of FileSonic sharing functionality will affect thousands and millions of its users worldwide, with all links hosted with FileSonic will no longer be functional and users will also have to change their links with any other File Sharing and Hosting service.

When FileSonic users log in their accounts, this message will appear on the FileSonic Homepage;
All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.
It means no user will be able to Download and Share any uploaded files with any other person except the owner of File Hosted. If user wants to get backup and download hosted file he can download it via FileSonic file manager. Filesonic has also closed its Online Earning and Affiliate Program that allow uploaders to earn sufficient money when users download their files, so No More Online Earnings from FileSonic via uploaded files will carried over from now and future.

It’s somehow clear that the unexpected closure and dispute of "MegaUpload" has increase fear in the file-sharing community, serving as a warning that the United States government has the capabilities, even without SOPA and PIPA to shutdown websites and track down owners that are living overseas or running from abroad. Now who will be the next target? Suspended File-Sharing Functionality and Affiliate Program Suspended File-Sharing Functionality and Affiliate Program Reviewed by TechGlobeX on 1/23/2012 Rating: 5

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