LG to support Google TV after Logitech..?

The world's second largest TV maker company LG is all set to launch Google TV software device on next year CES January, 2012. According to the Bloomberg sources, The South Korean consumer electronic marker LG company is quite interested in Google TV and Google and LG both are jointly working together to bring Google TV next year.

According to the spokesman of Google and LG, they have not made a final decision yet and have declined to comment on it yet, but after Logitech laid-off to promote Google TV in future, Google TV needs another electronic maker to working with to make it possible, for those who don’t know much about Google's upcoming product. Google TV is a device which lets users view Websites and Internet video on their home digital TVs, launched last year with Sony, Dish Network, and Logitech. Logitech was the first company who brings Google TV-setup box with other partners, but now Logitech has dismissed to work more on it.

According to Logitech Spokesman;
Logitech lost more than $100 million in operating profits on the Revue after bringing it to market almost a year ago. He went so far as to call production of the Revue a "mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature."

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