Turn Your Smartphone Into Mobile Hacking Device Through Android App

Mobile Phone Hacking is on its peak so that Smartphone's owners have to look after their mobile phones seriously to avoid dangerous hacking attempts especially "Android Smartphone Users". Because it has been rumored spreading on internet since last weeks about an Android App called Anti or Android Network Toolkit, which perhaps going to launch in Android Market Next Week. This new Android Application Program has been introduced by which Israeli security firm Zimperium which is revealed at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas Friday and plans to make available to all Android users in coming days, is designed for penetration testing in theory, searching out and demonstrating vulnerabilities in computer systems so that they can be patched. Anti aims to bring all the hacking tools available to penetration testers on PCs to smartphones, with an automated interface intended to make sniffing local networks and owning remote servers as simple as pushing a few buttons. However, the way people tend to use smartphones can also put them at risk. Herring noted that mobile users tend to be in distracting environments, so they generally provide only short bursts of divided attention to their phones.

According to Itzhak "Zuk" Avraham, founder of Tel-Aviv-based Zimperium;

"We wanted to create a penetration testing tool for the masses, It's about being able to do what advanced hackers do with a really good implementation. In your pocket."

"People might use it in dangerous ways," Avraham says with a shrug. "I really hope not. But I know this might be the risk to help people increase their security, and that's our goal."

A free app with a 10$ corporate upgrade, will offer a Wi-Fi-scanning tool for finding open networks and showing all potential target devices on those networks, as well as trace route software that can reveal the IP addresses of faraway servers. Infected phones also can become part of a "botnet," which means your phone could be used without your knowledge as part of a larger attack scheme. This can also drive up your data traffic, which can push you toward your data plan's cap faster. Why is Android a bigger mobile security concern? It's an open platform, which presents significant pros and cons. When a target is identified, the app offers up a simple menu with commands like "Man-In-The-Middle" to eavesdrop on local devices, or even "Attack"; the app is designed to run exploits collected in platforms like Metasploit or ExploitDB, using vulnerabilities in out of date software to compromise targets. Malware can cause a lot of surreptitious activity on your phone, so battery performance might be a clue. "If your battery suddenly starts draining really fast, consider that it might be malware.

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